Video quality goes down when I upload to AE


Hello there, new guy here.

I’ve just finished animating a commercial on AE 18. After I sent it to the client, she told me the quality of the video has gone down compared to the original footage, before the animation. The original video’s resolution is 720/480 and so is the composition on AE. I’ve tried opening a new file and uploading the video, AE automatically takes down the video quality, not immenslly but enough so I can’t upload it as a commercial. I’ve also tried seperating the footage and the masks to lower and upper layers and rendering it out as a PNG sequence. That helped a bit, but no cigars. Is there a superman/woman in the croud?


Are you rendering from Media Encoder or directly from AE(render from Media Encoder)? What codec are you rendering to? What are your bitrate settings? What is the final output size(is it 720x480?)? AE isn’t reducing the quality of the footage, it’s most likely due to your render settings.