Video Game Characters - Phosphor (fps), Erik Asorson Studios (3D)


Title: Video Game Characters - Phosphor (fps)
Name: Erik Asorson Studios
Country: United States
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

These are characters created for Phosphor; an upcoming First Person Shooter game from Rasterwerks. It is a real-time 3d multiplayer FPS which will run directly in the web browser. Our polygon budget was 2,000 triangles per character with a single 512x512 texture. The style of the characters is purposely typical due to the nature of the project.

You can see some of the animations at our website:

The future website for the game is:


Art Direction/3d Modeling: Erik Asorson
Conceptual Design: Michael Corriero
Textures: Benoit Regimbal
Rig/Pose/Animation: Rod Stafford



Great, clean, efficient use of polygons and textures. Given the polycount I find the female character rather shapely. It’s nice to see a different body type once in a while. Excellent work!!! :thumbsup: I look forward to the browser shooter.


your stuff kicks ass, no two ways about it!


great character. i love the concept.
good skills.
good luck with the project.


Great work, the polyflow is very clean.


Low-poly model
and each one have two different texture
different camp?

I also saw jedi at the website~
Nice work~


Very clean Modeling. Nice textures. Did u hand paint all the textures? or are they baked from a hi poly model?


Beautiful models and amazing textures! Very cool - can’t wait to see the game! My only little bit of crit would be the similarity in character proportions. They are all very stocky. Maybe varying the body shapes could add a bit of visual diversity and contrast. Apart from that, great job there - keep em coming!


Great Work !Amazing texturing
Very beautiful!


I played one of the beta tests, and it’s pretty fun game. It will surprise most because it’s pretty good-looking for something that’s playing directly in your browser. You can compare it to Unreal Tournament (1). Only then…in a web browser, slightly less prettier and somewhat harder to controll. But this is the beta, which was a long time ago. I’m sure it has improved.
These models will fit nicely in the game, as I said, very Unrealish (the game:))

By the way, pretty stupid of those women to not wear body armor around their stomach ^^. Beauty hurts


I’m amazed by how good these look. Such clean models - so few polys and the textures rock! I can only dream of being able to do that. :slight_smile:


Great modeling and perfect textures. Very good stuff. :thumbsup:


Hi Erik,
I like your texture map and your modeling is awesome !!!


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