Video Game Boss Model , Lee Salo (3D)


Title: Video Game Boss Model
Name: Lee Salo
Country: Canada
Software: 3ds max, BodyPaint, Mudbox, Photoshop

22000 Faces
3 x 2048 Materials
1 x 512 Materials
Maps Used

  • diffuse
  • normal/bump
  • spec./spec.color
  • gloss
  • alpha

This is the first of 4 models for my new demo reel. I really wanted to design a boss or some thing big. I wound up with a concept for this guy. By far the toughest low poly model I have built. It ended up with 28 legs and about 60 teeth. I hope you guys like it

Cheers, Lee


Sweet model! that must have been quite a complex undertaking! Love the details and texture. Awesome! :buttrock:


22000 polys :O? Is that tris or will that be about 44000 tris then? I guess you could loose half of the polys with any big changes happens to the model…

Its a cool model tho! great job!


I love the overall design of this character, I would love to see it with just the normal map applied and concept if possible.

For almost using a 4096x 4096 for this big guy we need close ups…From this distance all the detail blends together and makes me feel you could put all that character on a 1 full 2048 or being a worm I could see 1024x2048.
Only thing in the geometry I would change is the spikes on his head…I would make them three sided and not have any divisions up them…they kinda look 3 sided already though, cant tell.

Get us a good handful of closeups to do this guy justice.

JakeJK: Im gonna assume he means tris when he says faces…I hope


I really like this.


Thanks for the comments dudes! im glad you like it. Yeah sorry, I did mean tris, I was wondering if there would be some confusion over this. I’ll have to change that in my demo to say face/tris or some thing.

I have A few detailed shots here but there is a beter image if you follow this link to my gallery.

here is some close up shots of different map types on my model.

top one has all maps turned on
-spec./ spec. color

next going down has all but the diffuse maps

and the next one only has the normal map on it

and finnaly i thought i would throw in one wire frame shot

Thanks again for the feed back. I’ll set up a link to my reel asap, would like to show you this dudes turntable.


Very cool creature and clean mesh …some SSS would look sick on this



hey, awesome model and great texturing, the only thing is its meant to b for a game? might b a bit high rezz and too many texture maps


The poly count is pretty in line with most ps3/xbox360 games, I think the big guy in resistance 2 is over 20k polies. The consoles are texture limited but you could always cut all the textures in half for those purposes.

Looking great, would love to see it with some SSS.


Hey dudes, Thanks for the feed back.

here is a turn table of the model, pretty basic

hope you like it, and the resolution isnt to bad

cheers dudes!!!


This character turned out awesome! I really like how you have the semi-transparent part on his tail where you can see through to his organs! I really want to fight this boss and be able to chop him in half, or at least see what he looks like animated, too bad that probably won’t happen. I have no crits for this creature, he’s very well built and polished. Probably your best work to date, nice job!


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