Video editor with OpenEXR and FFmpeg support


In case somebody is just looking for a video editor which can import OpenEXR image sequences and can export video in some of FFmpeg formats with quality control, then you can try using Cinelerra. It might be possible to run it on a different OS via VM (virtual machine).

What should be noted though is that it is required to make a file with list of frames in order to import sequence of frames. It can be made using bash script below which is based on the one which is in the manual on website, just changed it to require entering some info manually. Furthermore, it seems that there is no option to change color space like from linear to rec709 in software. The workaround for this might be attaching gamma effect, but that might be not perfect.

echo "Enter Framerate first, then Width and Height after"
dir=$(dirname "$out")
exec > $out
echo "EXRLIST"
echo "# First line is always EXRLIST"
echo "# Frame rate:"
read FPS
echo "$FPS"
echo "# Width:"
read WDTH
echo "$WDTH"
echo "# Height:"
read HGHT
echo "$HGHT"
echo "# List of image files follows"
while [ $# -gt 0 ]; do
  if [ x$(dirname "$1") = x"$dir" ]; then
	f=./`basename "$1"`;
  echo "$f"

You can watch how to convert OpenEXR image sequence using Cinelerra in linked video.

Cinelerra OpenEXR convert video