Video card question


Hi there. How much impact does the actual memory of a video card have on LW in modeler and layout? What does it affect? Such as if I choose 64MB over 128MB card what will I lose?



It will only affect OpenGL textures really. So if you have a boatload of objects all UV textured in layout (for example) then texture memory may be a factor, however I doubt that you would really notice much slowdown, even if the textures were swapped between system RAM and video RAM.

video RAM has a big impact on games, but not so much for 3D apps, since < 15 fps in a 3D app is pefectly acceptable most of the time, and texture use is generally more limited.

64 meg should be fine for 99% of 3D app usage anyhow :slight_smile:


Hmm…maybe I´ll choose the quadro fx 1100 series over the 3000 series then

quadro 1100 has 128 mb ram memory and the 3000 has 256, what
I´m wondering, is if the quadro fx 1100 would be slower when working with huge objects or many objects…compared to the 3000 series and if the ram memory is the factor?


yep, looking at nvidia’s specs page here it seems that the 1100 and 3000 only differ in the width of the video RAM bus, and the amount of RAM provided.

in general 3D apps (i.e. non-game) this shouldn’t be a significant bottleneck. indeed if you look at the specs lower on nvidia’s page, you can see that the 1100 is almost as fast as the 3000 for 3DS Max and other benchmarks


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