Victorian Wood carvings


Hello all,

I am in a bit of a jam here and was wondering if I could get some professional help. My problem is modeling the posted title. I am realy inspired by the decor of the Victorian age and the Steam punk genre. The problem is that the lvl of detail in the wood and stone such as pillars and onlays are at the very least, difficult for my lvl of modeling. I first tried to model the curves and leafs that are normaly apparent on most designs but that seemed way to time consuming and I thought that this would not work on a professional projects time scope. I then moved on to mudbox and found better luck with the time scale, but seemed to unprofessional or I should say not clean on the geometry side and acurate. This may be due to my skill lvl with the program. However I’ve tried my best to model the basic shape of the capitol (top end of a pillar) and then move over to mudbox to add the detail. I’ve yet to test the result in mudbox but I also figured no harm in killing two birds with one stone. So I was wandering if anyone here has done this type of modeling before in a professional environment and what were the techniques used to acomplish the end result. I thank anyone who can give me advise in this matter. Oh and as a side note I would like to mention that I’m doing this as a realistic stage for a short film and if needed to know I am working with all up to date software. 3DS 2010, Mudbox 2010, Adobe suit CS4, etc, etc,

Thanks. Oh and Happy Holidays!


This might be just what you need. Eat3D


I will try to look into and study this, as FREE as one can but my current state does not warent a purchase at this time but thank you.


Im also doing some architectural designs, islamic architectural pillars contain so much detail, arabesques are beautiful,

I used simple boolean operations, with bump mapps to create detail, but detail which requires geometry i couldnt do,

The dvd is great but cash is a prob, im from outside U.S and dollars are high

Anyone with any experience in this field please help this thread and dont let it die

Theres too many skilled people here, guys you gotta help


Honestly, I’d use the hard surface tools in Zbrush 3.5, if poly count is not an issue. Even if it is, you can use the Zbrush retopology tools to create the detail level you need afterwards. Doing it by hand in 3ds just seems like a pain to me.


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