Victorian Crumble


I wanted to make something which was nostalgic and decided that the theme of the breakup of the British emipire would have lots of imagery that I could play with. Hopefully I have come up with something surreal but also memorable. I especially enjoyed working with the muted palette as I realise now that I tend to use tones that are very saturated - its surprising how much colour variety one can achieve with variations of grey!


That’s cool. Believe it or not I once had a dream almost identical to this, where I was looking out of a window onto some floating islands and one of them had a huge elephant on it. No kidding :slight_smile: Very whimsical image and although I don’t think the style is particularly JY it’s still a great piece in its own right.


click thumbnail for a hi-res version


cool only thing is most of thte stuff is so green its hard to pick objects out from far…


i am agree with jason, you did a lot of detail on it, but in the small size seem to be only hug green hill.need contrast to get all the detail.a great piece, good luck


Nice image! It reminds me the novell “The Sphinx” by Edgar Allan Poe.
Good luck!


Thanks for the feedback it really is appreciated! lynch/Irawan - you know the green had been whispering to me but I wouldnt listen and now its too late:cry: Every fault acknowledged is one step closer to perfection. PELENG/BaronImpossible (glad to make your acquaintance Mr. Munchausen your exploits are legend) - I realisied about half way through that this painting was never going to be very much like Yerka’s but ploughed on anyway and I am pleased that it is the cause for such phrases as ‘i had a dream…’ and ‘it reminds me of…’. Thanks:)


Good light. Is feel like English garden. I like you machine elephant.


Nice work. I like the color harmony of your image. Congratulations.


Good Work…I like you machine elephant.:slight_smile:


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