Victorian Assassin WIP


Ive recently had some spare time, so thought I should properly knuckle down and get some things done and get more experience,ive been playing alot of assassins creed recently, so thought,victorian assassin? why not? I did a rough concept to get the general mood.

I then started making a base mesh in maya and now currently have him in maya.

Atm he’s in zbrush at this current state.

,a higher rez image can be seen here

looks for critique, good or bad, helps me improve , thanks !


Looks very similar to Ezio/Altair and I don’t see anything on the character to suggest that the character is in a Victorian setting.

Try making the character more unique, and get away from Assassin’s Creed. It’s your inspiration, but don’t rip it off.


I agree with this fellow wearing the rubber suit.


I would change some stuffs on the design of the character before putting more time on the 3D model cause it looks too much like the main character of Assassin’s Creed like “Guy In Rubber Suit” just said. Uniqueness is what’s gonna sell your model, that’s gonna make your character interesting and special. For the mantle, you’ll need to make it touch the body, I feel that it’s floating on the air. And don’t forget to add a tiny rope to attach the mantle too! :wink:


To elaborate on my point a bit; Ubisoft designed Altair on the basis of an eagle or hawk. Altair is a silent but very deadly killer. What about your character? What defines him? Maybe look toward animals to develop a design around your character.


Hehe, silent but deadly…

Back on topic, the cloth wrinkles look great. I’d like to see more detail on the clothes to give it more of a victorian feel. I also don’t really think men from the victorian era wore such long tunics. That actually makes it seem like it is from an earlier time frame. From the concept I would have guessed baroque period, the maya file I would have pegged around the renaissance.

Are you planning on doing any detailing work in zbrush or actual texturing? If so, renaissance period clothes tend to use heavier types of cloth than victorian era.


hey thanks for the replies, ubisoft designed all the ancestors around the eagle idea, all the hoods have a slight lip on them to make them like beaks and feathers are on most of the decorative pieces , such as eizo’s belt buckle/assasin emblem.

For my character i was going to have him carrying a cane, which had an eagle head fitted onto the top, which consealed a second hidden blade,and belts,bracers for blades would have the feathers emblems about.

This is my first character ive made using zbrush and maya, so it isn’t the best and still working my way around the programs,I’m starting a new base mesh, as the one i created for the above image , was quite rushed so i could get it into zbrush quickly,so now im taking my time ,making a mid poly/detailed mesh so that i have the defined shapes already there and then do additional details/more organic shapes within zbrush.

It’s been a steep learning curve, and realise that i need to get alot more reference images of victorian clothes,it was quite a hard era to choose as most most of the wear was top hats and trousers, not very assassin like , so kind of did a mix of the past assassin clothes,with a sherlock holmes type cape/overcloak.

thanks for all the advise,i will post progress on the new base mesh as soon as ive got enough done,also is it necessary to make all faces double sided for zbrush use? or only on edges of clothes to give depth?. I’m following Mashru Mishu’s tutorial (Mashru Mishu’s Street Cop Tutorial
but substituting max for maya,and mudbox for zbrush.

thanks again



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