VFX Learning Online


I’d come across the site before I’d seen it advertised on this site but seeing on here made me look at it again and I had a deeper look around the site this time and the instructors seem quite accomplished and the lessons themselves look good also.

The only thing is that I can’t really find any feedback on it, is that 'cos it’s new? Anyone know anything of it or if it’s worth it?


EDIT: Woops sorry didn’t see there was a dedicated section to online courses!



I’m glad you find our school interesting, we are quite new and that’s why you haven’t seen much feedback online. But our first group is about to finish Maya Dynamics 1 and the first reactions have started to appear on our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/vfxlearning

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me luis@vfxlearning.com



Thanks Luis, sounds good from the feedback so far. There was something I wanted to ask but I’ll send an email to the address you just gave.


No problem, look forward to it.



Im working in 3D about 8 years, and now after take the course of dynamics when i really have enhanced my capacities. The classes are aimed at real production environments, away from the typical tutorials, and it teaches students to adapt the tools to be truly useful and powerful. See and understand techniques that are similar to used in major productions , and the tips and tricks from one of the more talented professional on the FX, Luis, is priceless. The one on one review is something unique in this academy, and is the most powerful tool to improve you knowledge.do not hesitate to take a look!