Vfx in sweden or anywhere close-ish


17 years old, so at least 2 years before I can start any school but I want to be prepared.
Been doing 3d/film for a while and vfx & motion graphics is what I really want to do. With After effects being my weapon of choice.

So my question, are there any school that deal specifically with Visual effects, alternativly motion graphics in sweden or anywhere sort of close to that.


If I were you I would just buy these courses http://www.thegnomonworkshop.com/store/category/30/Shake and shake, and then become a trainee at visual effect companies. If you go to socialen and arbetsförmedlingen, they’ll pay you for working at companise if not the companies will pay you for working there (praktiklön). I think it’s better to do this,otherwise you have to take a huge loan from csn for around 10 000 dollars or something(or 100 000 kr) for 2 years thinking of food and pay the bills. So if i were you, i’d just spend the money on the courses. and if you can’t train yourself in shake because you don’t have a mac to buy it(needs mac), then exercise the tools you learn in those courses in after effects or just train yourself while learning as a trainee for those companies. We’re lucky to live in sweden to have this possibilty, that this gets served to us on a silver plate without much work or money.

Besides, shake is a node based. So you can learn Nuke (heading first of all programs) or Fusion(coming 3rd or 4th or something) easy after learning those dvds. Shake is in 2nd place or 3rd place of popular use in companies, even if it’s old and never updated.


Wait, so Shake is the new standard?
I’ve learned after effects from the ground up I really like the program enough to want to stick with it.
Obviously what you can do in shake you can do in after effects (most stuff at least, in some way). But if most companies use one product it might be best to at least know a little bit of stuff about it.
I also use max, which can do the same as maya so it’s pretty much the same thing.

I guess if you’re working on a collaborate shot where many people do small stuff and share the project file and resources you’d have to all use shake, or ae. But If I’m doing 1 shot by myself, motion graphics or whatever it wouldn’t really matter to them which app I use right?

The most important thing is to learn the foundations though, like knowing how to draw by hand and then using photshop/painter to improve it. Say I know how to composite a shot then I just have to use shake/after effects to make it happen. It’s easier to learn how an application works instead of learning the foundations of animations or whatever from the ground up.

Which visual effects companies are you talking about, or just any one? Or does it have to be one located in sweden cause I don’t think there are that many, haven’t looked into it though.


“New”? Heh. Shake has been the standard in VFX for years.


Allright, I’m not that up to date on all that stuff.

You still see articles where movie productions have used ae though so it’s not totally outdated. It’s pretty much like the whole pc mac debate right?

It doesn’t really matter which one you use as long as you can produce whatever it is that you’re supposed to.


Really? I can’t imagine it’s widely used at all. It handles large amounts of data extremely poorly and as such really wouldn’t be a good choice for the 2k frames used in film.

It doesn’t really matter which one you use as long as you can produce whatever it is that you’re supposed to.

This is a very simplistic view which demonstrates your lack of experience (not wanting to sound condescending here, just stating a fact). If you’re aiming to go into an industry, you really need to learn the industry standard tools. You’re not very likely to get hired by any studio that’s going to say “it’s okay, use whatever you want”. The studio has a certain pipeline in place and you’ll have to conform to that. And if you’re wanting to go into VFX, the likelihood of using After Effects is quite low. You’d definitely benefit from learning a node-based compositor like Nuke, Fusion or Shake. I imagine that After Effects may still be popular for motion graphics though.


I would say that going too school for 2 years isn’t that bad even if it cost money. The thing with going too school is that you can work in teams and learn stuff doing bigger projects, that you can’t pull off yourself. The idea is to learn yourself but in an enviorment that helps. Going on an internship before you have worked in teams can be a bit stupid. We wouldnt even take in sutch a person.

www.animate.se has links too schools in Sweden read there and think about if you realy have the morale too sitt 8-12 hours a day alone working on your own stuff. If you doubt that go to a school. Meet fun ppl mingle and work your ass off.

And program wise, I use AE mostly, but I preffer Nuke or Fusion for 3d composeting. I do color correcting in Color and cutting in Final Cut. But i mix alot use the programs att your disposal download trial software and test them.


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