VFX Demo Reel after 1 year in the industry


Hey guys, I used to post here like… 8 years ago! It’s good to be back. This is my demo reel with Houdini FX work and photoshop for the concept piece.


All work done for the amazing Ingenuity Studios :slight_smile:

I would love to hear feedback! On the reel presentation side too as I am big on keeping things simple and really fast and not including breakdowns. I am currently taking a hiatus from VFX and strengthening my concept art skills so I can take on a 3d heavy concept designer role in the future.

Thank you.


Nice looking work!*


Thank you Travis!


Really nice. It’s a shame that it’s so short. And there is no sound!


Thank you!!! I agree, gonna take some time in the near future to add another 10 sec to it with finally released GeoStorm and Taylor Swift projects. Will update this post when I do :slight_smile: