VFX Compositing Class 1 - "Kindness is Powerful for Tome Churlinov"


note: This tutorial is not intended for complete beginners, you should have a basic knowledge in Nuke, or otherwise you will have a hard time following the content, and understanding the methods shown behind might be little difficulty to understand.
Unpremult and Premult explained
Color operations, filters and transforms, how and when should they be done
The Merge (over) operation explained under the hood
How not to perform color corrections
Concatenation in Nuke
Cutting mates and images
Combining mates and images
CG multipass compositing
Tracking tips and tricks
As i promised here that i would make a tutorial (and i will continue doing these) as a thank you to all who supported or shared our story about my father in law who is very sick and lost his house on court (we are raising donations here https://www.youcaring.com/tome-churlinov-567686) - to help Tome, regain his life back please donate, or share our story with your friends on facebook, tweeter, etc. it will be of GREAT HELP to us!
For future tutorials our supporters can suggest what topic they would like me to cover, and ill do my best to create the tutorials and explain them as best as i could!
I apologize for my bad English ‘_’