VFX and 3D Reel



[/u] [http://www.mediafire.com/?59mcg49blwr](http://www.mediafire.com/?59mcg49blwr)

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Well i always wanted to something like the stuff the guys at VFS do in their vfx demos

so since there is no way i can afford that i tried to do what i can at home with the help of learning dvd and stuff like that.
there is 6 vfx and matte painting shots and the rest is random :slight_smile:
some ideas ripped off :slight_smile:

Software used :
After Effects



marhaba samir. i like your work alot great matchmoving shots :buttrock: keep it up


thank you khalid i really appreciate it
btw its sami not samir but hey its close enough :slight_smile:


oh my bad :slight_smile:


Great reel man! I wish you all the best! :thumbsup:


thak you mranimator


amazing work…


thank you mranimator :slight_smile:


your FX stuff is great i would take out the chracter animaion untill it can compliment your other great work, its really takeing away form the other stuff.im not try

keep it up it really great sutff



ahh thanks man
thats exactly what i want.and if anyone else think that something else should be removed or suck so much then please tell me.thats why im posting here.
i agree with u on the character animation man im not a fan too.i think im gonna make a version without it.
the reason why i added it in the first place is because at this part of the world they want someone who can do a bit of everything.its sucks but what can we do…

thank you.


Wow…what can I say…
it just amazing! Great reel! Great work !!


I love it, cant wait to see your next reel! How long did it take you to make this?


Wow this is like a generalist reel! You got everything in it!
The VFX is awesome! Love the car transforming and the hair part.
The animation is the weaker part of the reel. You have the basic movement down. You just need some more tweak to add more weigh. Or you can just ask an animator to tweak it for you since your VFX stuff is really nice already. The lip sync one is nice, but the jump, penguin and old man need more work.
I felt the spect for the apple and the bottle is too strong. That’s all I can say about VFX part.
Great work!


big thanx to all of u guys specially the vfs guys :slight_smile:

i saw ur work and im like yay this guys like my work.im gonna do some bragging on that :slight_smile:

thanx man
about how long it took … well its a mix of the things i did in my job for the past 2 years
but the VFX shots were done in 2 months on my spare time at home.

i appreciate it alot and i agree with u. improving my animation skills was on of my new years resolution for this year… yes thats how nerdy i am :slight_smile: my last year resolution was learning matte painting and the vfx stuff.


Great work Sami,
I loved the compositing, 3d modeling and tracking work,
I think the character animation work needs a bit tweaking, keep rocking!



thank you ajouz
hopefully i’ll work on the animation for next years reel.


yes,i like your works,especially the Architecture


Realy Great Works .
5 Star .


I thought the reel was pretty good.

I don’t think the bits at the begining of the reel were your best work. I’d put something like that morphing car at the front.
I liked the fact that the breakdowns were very fast and not boring.


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