VFX / 3D Animator Looking for a Job


Hello, I’m Currently looking for any job, i can make pretty decent VFX Shots with compositing + 3D Animation,

a link to my reel is down below,

Looking to Chat with you, Contact me using my Email :- mohammadqudsi96@gmail.com.


Right between 2-3 second mark you have missing/black frames - big issue for a demo reel as details are important.

I would either focus on VFX or animation.

For VFX I would be show-casing composting FX with real footage if I were you. Technical breakdowns would be good to show how you use/create the tools especially in a pipeline.

If you want to focus on animation I wouldnt worry too much about texturing, lighting etc just get some really nice movement, lipsync, weight etc - show-casing all the basic principles of animation.

From an peer review point of view its evident that this is amateur work (no offense to you), keep working on your craft you obviously have a lot of patience and enthusiasm and that is a great start.

Good luck with your journey and I wish you the best!