VFS vs Digipen


I live in seattle and I want to be a 3d modeler or a concept artist at a big game industry… For VFS, it costs around 40000~50000 dollars and it’s only 1 year. For digipen, its around 60000 and it is a bachelor degree. What do you guys think? I personally think digipen is better since it’s closer but i don’t see any recent info about it which i feel it is not a popular school like VFS…


depends on what you want to do, if it’s a game design/programming course then stick to digipen.

if it’s a 3d modeling/animation course for working in studios then i think vfs is a better option.

but that’s just me.

or you could stay at home and download all the gnomon dvds and put in all the effort on your own and learn the same thing, for much cheaper, but miss out on making all the contacts.


I’m in the same boat. I’d prefer VFS’s 3D Animation program, since you have the choice to take the modeling stream. But, financing an international private school is impossible for me so I’m thinking DigiPen will have to do. They have a BFA in Production Animation that is worth looking at: https://www.digipen.edu/academics/degree-programs/production-animation/
I much prefer the 1 year program, but given that I’m limited on what I can work out funding-wise, I’ll probably end up at DigiPen.
Can anyone vouch for the Production Animation degree at DigiPen?


hi, Digipen is a mixed bag. You might learn some cool skills, but you will most likely be put under immense, unnecessary stress. See my full rant here: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?p=6072034#post6072034

just my opinion, as a graduate of the BFA.


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