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A bunch of us grads have launched a website that speak about our personal experiences about the various cg, film, animation schools in Vancouver. We could really use your comments and opinions if you went to these programs. If you agree, disagree, or just want to add your 2 cents about the programs out there. Read some of the page long reviews below and tell us what you think!

  [b]Vancouver Film School[/b]


Capilano Commercial and Digital Animation



Emily Carr

  [b]Think Tank Training Centre[/b]
 [b]Lost Boys Learning[/b]
 [b]Arts Institute[/b]

We're just trying to add more relevant information out there for aspiring students to make the right decision. Hopefully, we're adding to the discourse.


That is a great idea and it’s very well put together!
Hopefully it will help answer a lot of questions prospective students might have.


Thanks Serguei,

It’s a small niche site, and we’re only focusing on the Vancouver area to make sure that the resources are helpful. Hopefully, it keeps some of the same old posts out of the forum and lets aspiring artists learn more about the inner workings of the programs.


Hey I saw your website a while back and posted a mention here at the bottom of this thread:


Glad to see more reviews there. Was an interesting read.

And good to see some leadership/organization for this. There was an art scam a few months ago in Vancouver-100 artists got ripped off and no local arts organization stepped in to police things or warn people, so nice to see something like this for the local art schools.

Now to read some more reviews.

I tried a few schools myself but never attended, thus I cant post any reviews. Hope to see something about UBC though. One film teacher there kicked in a school door in a rage because his students gave him a petition saying they didnt feel they were learning enough in his class. The Province newspaper had a story on it. He wasnt fired.


Hey Kel,

“Professionally Unemployed”…that’s the best signature I’ve seen in awhile.

Slowly but surely the reviews are coming in. We’re just getting started with most of the universities including UBC, SFU, and Emily Carr. The debate will continue, a university degree or 1 year program.

It’s one step at a time for us. This month we we’re focusing on animation and cg schools. Next month it’ll be film and so on. There’s still a lot more we’ll be doing to the site. We appreciate you helping spread the site around. I think that most of the reviews add more personality, depth, and overal information compared to many comments on the forums.

Of course, any comments and suggestions are welcome and encouraged. We need the feedback.


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