VFS Modeling reel: Jorge Kirschner Torres


Hi guys,

    My name is Jorge Kirschner Torres, and I just finished my studies at VFS.
    Wow the year went so fast.... feels weird posting my final reel here. 
  It always looked so distant in the future and before you know, you have finished and have to start sending your reel all over the world.
    I would like to thank everyone in 3D59..... guys seriously its been a pleasure working with you during the year.
    Well, so this is my modeling reel, I hope you like it and please feel free to comment on my work.
    Anyone needs a modeler ?? :p

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Nice work man. I really dig the fish at the start of the reel. My only crit is the thin edges of the back fin look too opaque. I don’t know what the reference is like, but I would imagine the skin to be so thin there that you would see a bit of transparency happening. Otherwise nice modeling reel! The music is really cool as well.


te quedao bien ch1ng0n el demoreel ca…me latio un friego,mas tu mojarrilla es la mas chida del reel.

que de planes pal futuro mi buen?


p4roxysm: Thanks for the comments man, the fish is also my favorite piece in my reel.
I agree with you on the fins, and its one of the first things I would change if I was to go over my demo reel again.
Since at the beginning I was thinking of using the fish as a grey shaded model only, I did the texture quite quickly and I missed certain things.
Anyway Im glad I finally textured the fish, because I think it looks much better with the colors than with just the bump.
I checked your website, and man those photos you have there are very good.
About your reel hehe I already posted how much I liked it.

tokaru: Im glad you liked the reel.
About your question, well… lets see what the future has to offer, at the moment I still havent though about anything very specific.

Thanks again guys.




nice stuff my fellow spaniard colega.
You did sooo much, is an extremely strong reel what you have here, Im really proud of your achevements, keep it up jorge. jode tio que me mola mazo tu reel, your fish is the best and most impressive piece in the reel,and I love the set too. Im looking forward to see what you’ll do in the future.

my best wishes to you. mucha suerte

Alvaro buendia


thats quite a bit of work for 6 months, very solid reel my only complaint is the last model which seeemed rushed other than that your modeling/texturing is solid. Really like the spanish set + the fish.


BuendiaCG: Thanks for the kind words Alvaro.
you have been a constant source of inspiration during this year.
Your reel is amazing, and I think a lot of people will be impressed by the level of your work.:thumbsup:

Herber: Thanks man.
I agree that the last model is rushed compared to the others.
I had that quick sculpt done, and since I had to solve some editing problems and recompress my reel, I thought I might as well put it at the end of the reel as an addition or extra.
The sculpt wasnt planned to be there in the beginning, thats why it doesnt appear on the reel presentation.
And yep fish and set are also my favorites :slight_smile:

Thanks guys.





Everything looks great! I have a few suggestions though…

I’m not a big fan of the “double” footage of the building scene. I would suggest either showing a couple seconds of the grey and then a few secs with wireframe on top. Both of these would just be stills. Then switch to the textured version as the animation.

If you decide to leave it as is, with the grey animation, then the textured version check your camera. The textured version looks like it’s shaking (somewhat like an earthquake).

I agree with the others that fin textures needing some transparency.

Do you have any good life drawing? Or sculpture? (I noticed you mentioned something about sculpting, but I didn’t see what people were talking about on the reel). If you do I’d add that to the Reel at the end.

If your reel is starting to get too long to add life drawing, I’d be tempted to get rid of the Hovercraft, cut the fish scene down a bit or get rid of the grey building portion (and leave the textured).

And last, although nice to thank your parents & classmates at the end of your reel, I’ve read numerous times that companies don’t like long credits etc. So I would get rid of them when you actually send this out. Use the extra time for art work or holding your contact info for longer at the end.

Hope this helps another fellow Canadian :slight_smile:



me encantan tus modelos. excellente reel! :thumbsup:


Great stuff dude. It’s been amazing watching you pump those models out. Once you got Wolverine done you attacked the rest of them and your improvement model to model was highly visable. I think you belong in the company you keep and thats a great compliment.
I’ll definately look forward to your future posts, hoping against hope you model the gold fish destructor suit.

The only crit’s I’d have is wat you already know. Some transparency on the fish tail and a little more detail on the H-Craft.

Good luck on the job hunt.


About the credits comment, I really dont see companies caring because they look at your demo for work, they check your resume for credentials and your contact info should be plastered on everything (dvd cover, dvd, resume/cv, etc.) I dont see it hurting you unless your software specifics are post “special thanks,” which yours are. I’d put that infront of any special thanks you may have.

As for the last rushed model, take it out. All it does is look like filler considering it’s at the end, it’s rushed and not well done, and it’s a moving still. Really, there’s no point to have it when all it does is take away from the quality and add to the quantity.

I’d also put some sort of image with your model title.

Good stuff man, good luck with job hunting.


Thanks David, good to hear from you :).

I understand and agree with your comment, and since you are not the first to point it out, I will remove that model (really a zbrush sketch) from my reel.
Thankfuly I only have that model in the web version of the reel and not in the DVD one.
Its good to hear this type of comments before its too late.

Thanks again guys for replying to my thread.




I enjoyed your reel, especially the music, good luck for the future.


Hey Jorge!

Great stuff man! Very solid skillset and variety of content. I especialy like your fish but I’d rather see it cooked and in my plate with just a sprinkle of olive oil and some minced garlic…

I have to agree with Igo on the Rhinoman issue. I’m sure if you put some more time into it you can easily bring it up to the level of your other pieces.

Hope the job hunt goes well for you my friend




Hey Jorge

Nice work man, U did a good job man, for 6 months, its a lot of staffs. I wish best of luck for you and to find a job.
Keep up your new projects and good graduation time my friend.




kirschner looking good, so you updated you reel.
alright no real comment on the new content i think its great you show more, but again needs more polish like the rest?

lil crit on the hovercraft (griffon 2000tdx), i wish more love could have been put into it, not really digging the stencel font for navy, but again, its personal taste, should be painted in instead of stenciled, so the font shouldent look so ww2 style.

love the set btw!


Thank again guys :),

Hey Teh, I agree that the Hover craft should be polished some more.
After all it was my first try at hard body objects, and was done very quick in a couple of days at the end of the term 6.
My intention was to show that although I am more interested in characters and maybe environments, I can pull out some hard body stuff more or less succesfully if needed for a shot.
Its at the end of the reel because I think it is the least interesting piece.
I plan on trying to develop my skills in hard body modeling, so I can become a better prepared artist (and its a coplete different way of understanding geometry and edge flow).
About the piece I took out, yeah it was a work in progress piece that was doing nothing to help the rest of the finished pieces but make the reel longer. So taking it off was a good idea.

Thanks again :thumbsup:




Well done Jorge… I like the layout of your reel, the little intro with the 4 models was cool, it made it interesting and the models looked great. Can’t wait to see more from you. I bet those months were enough experience to keep going; model better and faster. good luck man.



Hey, Jorge. Your reel looks amazing!!! :applause: :applause::applause:I love all your models, but the fish is my favourite. It’s awesome!!:buttrock:

One lil’ crit I have is that Wolverine doesn’t seem to have enough weight on his right leg. The right foot looks like it is barely touching the step. Other than that, he looks great!! And he really looks like someone I know…:smiley:

Oh, and you misspelled James Lau as “James Law”. Just a heads up.

Best of luck man,



jlyapor: Thank man. It is true that these months were a great experience and that one becomes much faster and better at work.
This is just the beginning, and I have still so many things to learn, but I feel much more confident now. :slight_smile:

PK-man: Hey David, thank you very much!.
I agree that Wolverine pose could be improved a lot.
Truth is that beeing my term 4 model, I was planning to come back and fix all this things, but I kept starting new things and neve came back to it.

Aout mispelling james Lau name… ouch!.. sorry James :banghead:

Thanks guys!.