VFS Animation Reel - Circle Maker


Hi, I did this animation at VFS these last 6 months, and finally found some courage to post it online. Hope you all enjoy it. You can check it out at my site

http://www.jesseldavis.com (medium and highest quality available) under reel,

or at the two mirrors http://www.vimeo.com/1300422 for low quality video stream,
or http://student.vfs.com/~3d69jesse/JesseDavis_CircleMaker.mov (high quality, recommended)


dude your animation is sweet keep going


It turned out great man, I don’t know what else to say, I’m sure you’ll end up where you want to go in no time. Great job once again.


Dude, the finished product is awesome. It’s been a wonderful year,
Thanks for showing me so much stuff, the same good luck to you.
Front page!


Nice job Jesse. It’s always fun to watch your reel and it was even better now that I watched it with sound. Keep on working man, your going to go a long way.


Great job man.

The animation is sweeeeeeeeeeet and i also love the final rendered look.

Can’t wait to see more of your stuff in the future.


wow…this is awesome, great job. there is an amazing amount of high quality work in this.


Ha, Ha - very funny. The animation was great - good work.

I tryed to download the HQ version but the link is dead.


Thank you for the comments, I appreciate it. The HQ version is back up now.


Hey Jesse,

Great film I was really impressed, I loved the art direction. My only critique would be that the character animation could have used some more polish in places, particularly you could look closely at your spacing on your next piece. Really solid work overall. Congrats!



Great animation and redners Jesse. the part when Wendy goes crazy with the buttons always makes me laugh.



Really gR8 wOrk. I LIKE It.


Way to go. Top notch. I really like how the lighting turned out. And it has a very nice story line.


Love to see the finish piece. All the process demanded a lot of effort but now you can see that it paid off. Great Jesse.
Excellent short and good luck with what whatever comes next.


The finished reel looks superb, Jesse. One of the best VFS animation reels I’ve seen. I really like the final reveal, the purely visual ending. It was great working alongside you, and I hope we get to work together in the future.


nice job, the final render looks great, the style of the character looks good with the background. your animation technique is pretty solid just some more fine tuning and it will be perfect. You and your team did a fantastic job on this short film keep it up.


haha, that was an amazing animation. I really enjoyed it, I think I woke up my family bursting with laughter. Very good quality, you VFS students amaze me constantly, that must have been my favorite so far. Good work, Im sure I will see your name again, good luck.


I loved it, you executed the idea so beautifully!

All the scenes felt very married and flowed nicely, some of your holds were a little stale in my opinion. Overall the animation was well done. Good models.

No doubt you’ll get a job.


Wow! I’m blown away. Another high quality VFS reel to add to my growing list :wink: I really enjoyed that one. I thought the story was cute and fun. I really like the character work and the animations were clean and they appeared to be flawless. Excellent work. I doubt you’ll have any trouble finding work :wink: Good luck!

This should be plugged!


Hey Jesse - Excellent work here!
I loved this idea from the first storyboard/animatics I saw - and it’s awesome to see it finally realized. Great job!!! Nice animation, great character design and lighting…
You should be really proud!

Hope you get some good response from festivals/competitions, etc…

All the best to you in the new career!