VFS: 6 month or 1 year program?


Hey guys, i’m a webdesigner currently studing cg modelling and animation at the Veiga de Almeida university here in Brazil. Altought its the very best cg animation program available in Rio, i’m very interested in studying abroad and eventually, make my way into the industry (the jobs opportunities around here do exist, but they pay little to have your soul and they don’t care about quality, just want some “3D stuff” made asap).

Since i already have some background with 3dsmax and zbrush (not much, i’m still attending the post graduation program and i’ll graduate around march or april next year), i’m having some doubles about which program would be best for me.

One my teachers recommended the 6 month program for two main reasons: 1. it’s way cheaper them the one year program and more focused; 2. what i’m learning right now is enough to attend the 6 month program and doing the one year program would be a waste of money (which i do have, but it’s pretty much all i got saved so far).

Another teacher did attend the 6 month program and strongly suggested that for me, but he said and i quote: “…if you want to just go and come back, do the 6 month program. But if you intend to stay and work there, do the one year program so you can get the work visa. The 6 month program does not give you that!” - just another thing to make me go crazy with this double :shrug:

So, this is what i got: i do have some background with cg, my plans are to start at VFS (august or october next year) after my graduation here and i do have time and jobs until there to raise more money. More important, i will have spare time in this period to practice even more and enhance my skills.

That being said, what you guys would recommend for me?

Thanks in advanced :thumbsup:


Hi Daniel,

I have attended VFS the 1 year program you are talking about.

As I know, the 6 month program is for character animation while the 1 year is 6 months of basic skill training and after that you select which stream you would like to focus on, modeling, animation or compositing (i know VFS is advertising with more than compositing, but trust me, they are not doing so).

Also they no longer give work permit out to people who are attending the 1 year program. The government has stopped that.

I worked in the 3D industry before attending VFS and I must say, if you know the basic tool kit in 3D, I would suggest to self study on digital-tutors or cmivfx.

Ofcourse it all differs from person to person. But I found most of material to be way outdated. That being said, if you are going for modeling or animation, you would probably like VFS. They have some top notch staff for your modeling and animation.

If you would like more in depth info, u can always msg me :slight_smile:


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