Vespa Vulgaris Tentaculis, Thomas Klieber (3D)


Title: Vespa Vulgaris Tentaculis
Name: Thomas Klieber
Country: Germany
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, ZBrush

Most of the image is just a Photo, taken with Nikon D70, of a standard-wasp.

Camera EXIF Data:

Nikon D70, Tamron 180/3,5 , 36mm ZR Kenko, SB800
1/160, F18, Honey 0,4g, ISO 200, RAW

Additional parts rendered with Zbrush2 and 3D Studio Max7.5, composed in Photoshop.

I am sure, everybody can see, whats real and whats added…



Excellently :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Amazing work!
fantastic details:scream:


Hi thomas,

tolle arbeit, gefält mir gut. ich kenne deine real-trick kompositionen ja schon von deiner seite, sind immer wieder schön anzusehen. :slight_smile:

gruß dean


I’d still love to see the unshaded\wireframe on top


xcellent!! :thumbsup: nice blend of photo and cg!! can u show us wire???


Nice fantazy piece, I like the blending of real and imaginary. Is the honey real or photo, I couldn’t tell:)


thanks for you words, guys !

well, wireframe is a little problem, because of the ultra-high subdivision in Zbrush.

In the attached image, you can see all the added parts, without the Photo underlying.




well, wireframe is a little problem, because of the ultra-high subdivision in Zbrush.

Ok i dont use Z-brush but you don’t show a wire… very strange i think. The last pic is the only parts in 3d ? :rolleyes:


wonderful piece!!lovely model and great detail.:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Love yer comps!!! Fun stuff!!!


@Stephane Vahle:

“As i wrote”, most of the image is a photo !

and yes, the attached image shows just the additional parts, which are 3D, rendered out of Zbrush and 3dsmax…


this is great-very nice compositing too. love your work!


Hey ThomasKl & whoever else is intrested,

I found this website a long time ago and use it for insect reference:

I get lost in all of the images.


good done thomas!

just awesome!~~:thumbsup:


as a macro photographer and 3d artist - i’m amazed… 5 stars

is it your picture also?



yes it`s my picture ofcourse :slight_smile:

if you`re intrested in more, you can visit my macro-collection at




your macro and close-ups are really cool…
dof on some flies and spiders is really impressive.(is it directly from camera or you combine 2 or more pictures?)

i’m shooting insects too (mostly close-ups of dragonflies in flight…)



i don`t combine iamges to get a wider range of sharpness. I do like to use F10-F20 to get a wide area of sharp details. This wouldnt be able without using a big flash, sometimes i use two flashes.



PS: would it be possible to see some of your dragon-fly pics ?