Very impressive SIGGRAPH 2007 paper


Slashdot says that 1/8 of all Sigraph papers were presented by Microsoft. Or Microsoft China perhaps, judging by the names on that presentation.

Cool beans.

Does anyone have a link to the paper?


Just how many of these incredible innovations make it to an off the shelf 3d program?

Nice tease, but like many other teases from Siggraph, its something we’ll probably never play with.


i demand that we demand to get to play with this :smiley:


:bounce: I demand that this be immediately implemented in Blender :bounce:


Why would that be? What other innovations have never been implimented? Very curious.



Awesome rigging tool


we wants it.

SO that was how pixar animated rattatouly and the incredibles, im just SO much more envious of the animators working at pixar. T_T


it would be awesome having such a rigging and animation system into a commercial app.

this is how i always dreamed 3D animation should be : logic, immediate and artistic ! :smiley:


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