Very impressive SIGGRAPH 2007 paper


Something all you guys there should check out.

Its a paper from Microsoft research called “Direct Manipulation of Subdivision Surfaces on GPUs”.

Here is a video demonstration of its results:


He had me at ‘Here is a frog and a dinosaur dancing together’.


Yes, a real lol moment. :slight_smile:


He had me at ‘Here is a frog and a dinosaur dancing together’.

haha yeah, funny guys eh


Is this anything to do with Pixar’s workings in Harmonic Coordinates?

I have no idea if they’re actually related, I just remembered seeing something similar & I like all of the long, pretty words.


What I know is that for Ratatouille they animated the characters by kind of 3D sculpting the poses. That’s what makes these characters look so incredibly plieable.


Anyone want to take bets on which 3D app will implment this type of tech first? It is obvious that Microsoft has designs on this for Xbox tech, but where else?


I like all of the long, pretty words.

That had me lauging pretty good!

I remember seeing something vaguely similiar with a guy who did a piece with a goose/duck/pelican and had all of the animation happening through a wave generator to mimic Ward Kimbal ideals of animation.

Something I don’t quite understand: Is there a rig in there, or is it a different mesh animation deformation concept alltogether?


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amazing…that was so awesome.


Oh yes! … It had to be done! :scream:


Best graphics paper results presentation ever!

Dance minions, dance…


this is the most impressive rigging-related innovation in years!
the mocap sample was incredible.

I wish I knew this math so I could create my own control cage mesh.



damn…that’s some truely impressive sh… I really hope they are going to implement that in future edittion of all our beloved software.


Haha that was awesome, had me laughing.

Very cool video, looking forward to this!


yeah great stuff, that armedillo doing ballet had me laugh too.


That frog was awesome! :applause:


Love that frog!


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