Very Early Amelia Model WIP


Hello everyone! I am currently attempting to learn zbrush from a workshop I’m taking in my local college but I was wondering if there were any other great tutorial site I can use to learn more about it. I don’t really have any funds right now so the stuff here I can’t afford, but I’d love to learn to learn zbrush still so if you guys can recommend me some sites to learn from or give me any Advice on starting that would be wonderful. Currently I’m working on a model for a character I designed. Her design is in my portfolio as well as in the 2d Wip forum as I’m currently looking for advice on how to further her design. But since I’m part of a workshop I’m using the current design for the model at least to practice modeling.

If you guys can give me any advice on working with zbrush to model her that would be great! She supposed to be a plushie doll version of Amelia Earhart.

here is the Model (She does have hands now but mostly this is where she currently is). As you can see she’s more realistic baby then plushie doll, which is my goal.

So yeah if you can recommend me any sites for me to learn from to further my skills at zbrush or give me advice on how to approach it that would be great.

Like Obviously I need to do the neck. But what Advice would you give me for continuing on with the model? What would you do to model the clothe?s or give her more a plushie feel? Obviously I need to work on the legs (Which I’m also having trouble with) but I’m just curious to know what you guys would say.

If you can help me out in any way that would be great. Thank you guys, God bless, and have a great day!


This is a valuable lesson for all modelers, especially for beginners modeling for the first time.
Start your model in LO-RES. Modeling is all about forms and being able to nail down form when its at its lowest subdivision level, makes you have better habits later on (You dont want to jump into detail when you haven’t locked in your forms).
From the picture you provided, certain areas looks a bit unsure, such as, around the feet area.
Try Zremeshing your model so you are able to work from Lo-Res and work your way up and down subdivision levels.
Worry about the clothes a bit later.