Very atmospheric..


So i’m busy with a project and looking for a little advice.

It’s a composite job on a beach which fades off into the distance. It involves cg objects on the sand and in the water.

I’ve got the water lookng good and there were a few foreground objects on the beach that i’ve cut out and re-placed (so things can travel behind them).

All’s going well actually apart from one thing atmosphere, the fog effect you get as things get further away…

The way i figure in c4d we have 3 options volumetric lights, fog material on an object, or a backdrop object…

The problem i have is that the background plate has the atmosphere effect already, so when i add the effect to the scene though it works of the cg stuff, it doubles up on the background plate?

Any ideas, how does everyone else deal with this problem?


DPIT Nature Spirit has a physical atmosphere.


I did look at this a wihle ago and will try the demo version, but i think i’ll have the same problem…


You can exclude any object in the scene from the atmosphere.


Strange that you can’t do that with the enviroment in c4d…



once i’ve spotted a work-around with the depth-pass post proccessed in PS .
i’ll do a little search if you like.


I think what you’re talking about is possible in the base package by setting up a multipass pass for depth (set up the camera depth as shown in the manual). You’ll get back a ghostly image that recedes to white in the background. In photoshop set this to ‘Screen’ mode over your image (for depth haze) or on multiply (for depth shadowing). You can also invert it and paste it into an alpha channel (I think) to knock out your image based on depth. I’m hazy on that because I never do it that way; instead I usually do it in AE using the ‘Silhouette Luma’ transfer mode.

Hey Samir, does DPIT’s depth work like ZBlur, respecting alpha-mapped planes and transparent objects? Also, can you explain about the separate physical atmosphere? Do you get a post effect depth map, or something better? This could be a little gem that I didn’t know existed in the package.


Samir & Govinda
This is exactly my current problem in using 2d alpha trees for a large aerial shot of a Theatre tent in a park at sunset, with hundreds of trees. 3d trees are out of the question but the c4d fogs and volumetric lights all screw up the transparent areas. can Dpit solve all this?

Thanks for any suggestions



ZBlur or enDOFin solve it. Samir can answer for DPIT.


Thanks a lot Govinda

Do you have the links to the vendors/downloads please?


This is a big problem.

I understand that it can be fixed with plugins but when i paid what i did, including all the modules. I would expect my program to be able to do this, straight out of it’s expensive box…

I really think maxon should address these small but ever so important things…



nope, also DPIT is in v4.0 restricted to the transparency problem (we also only noticed it after release). Is solved in the next DPIT verson though.


This has been a flagged up problem for such a long time, it makes me hope that Maxon is concentrating efforts on a completely revamped render engine, rather than putting efforts into patching up AR 2. After all, 3rd party developers have provided better options for depth channels and DOF effects, so it isn’t as if it couldn’t be fixed.


I have just tried every combination of every technique i could think of (and i was quite imaginative too).

i tried enviroment., fog in an object and visible lights. None of these allowed you to render without the fogging effect. Unbelievable.

3rd party plugins it is then, nightmare as i work on a pc laptop and render on mac’s, so i’ll have to buy the plugin twice?!


zBlur is great - and it is made by real people - tell them your position, and maybe they will give you an extra license, so long as you promise to only use it yourself!


ZBlur is great! Nuff said.


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