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We help tosolve all issues while working with diode (solid-state) powerful lasers.
Endurance is ready to help 24 * 7


I want a death star. Get on with that will you?! I need it for Monday but I can’t decide on color…


Do they come with shark mounts? The laboratory needs an upgrade.


Dude. We’ CG guys. Lasers are for other fields - manufacting, R&D, NASA and so forth.


Spam for a company working with lasers is worth leaving up for a while.

Maybe I’ll just edit the name and let them keep posting.

Suggested names anyone?
Tony Stark


You might rethink that, what they promote is dangerous. Laser engraving produces any number or carcinogenic substances that have to be filtered out using special filters.
So my suggestion for a name would be Cancer Ray.


@ Srek it depends on the material you would like to engrave but if you take correct precautions it can be done in a “safe” environment. I will call them Death Ray inc.