Vertical/Horizontal straightening of each edges in UV


Mike, Silo UVs badly need two simple but core functions :

Edge Loop or Ring > Straigthen Horizontal or Vertical each selected edge, now you can do it in Silo too, but its pain in the ass, it needs to be fully automatic like in 3DCoat.I have to to import to 3DCoat just to do this little thing, in 3DC its two clicks and done.

Also in UVs is needed - ‘cylindrical unwrap’.


You can select the loop and flatten (vertically or horizontally) i do this when unwrapping roads… if you need you can activate live unwrapping before that and wiggle the piece a little bit so the polys get better spaced, then deactivate live and flatten the sides.

No doubt 3DCoats UV tools are from another dimension, one of the things i find hyper useful is the ‘equidistant’ command.


Yes, but there is no tool to straighten edge ring.
Loop and edge straightening is much faster in 3DC, it takes 2 clicks no need to use manipulator handles.

I must use 3DC for UVs tweaks because Silo UVs tool are really basic.If you guys could improve Silo Uvs tools it could be good selling point because Zbrush automatic unwrap isnt enough and not everybody can afford Maya or Modo.