Vertex Weight Map in Pixar subd crapping out


So, I’ve been playing around with the pixar Subd vertex weight map and after awhile it craps out. What ends up happen is that when I move the object on component level, this happens and I can’t control the weight anymore.

Any ideas?


The only time I’ve seen spikes on Catmull-Clark Sub-Ds is if there is duplicated or invalid geometry. Have you tried the Mesh Cleanup script?

Also, I don’t know why moving the object would cause the spikes. I just tried some Pixar Sub-D weighting on a cylinder and moved the object in component mode with nothing selected, and didn’t get the spikes. I was using modo 701.

If the problem continues, I would suggest filing a bug report with Luxology (it’s on your Luxology user account settings - My Bug Reports), and e-mailing the problem mesh to Luxology Customer Support at customer_service at luxology dot com.


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