Versus Mini-challenges


In this thread I will list links to past and current “versus minichallenges”, because they are fun to watch and instructive. If you start one just post the link here!

anyone can also ask , in this thread, if they want to compete and need a partner :slight_smile: … or challenge someone in duel.

so far:

fellah vs m@

azazel vs fellah

ilasolomon vs frinsklen (animation)

rattlesnake vs angel

lordrych vs teyon

casesensative vs white dragon

Martyr vs bigguns

Junpei vs Arsyn

Kmest vs fellah

misho vs devilo

gjpetch vs m@

A_K vs H3rbie vs KWAK

DimitrisLiatsos vs pencil_head

3DRaven vs mosconariz (animation)

grafi vs Geta-Ve

fetus23 vs dur23 vs superclops vs jeffo vs frenchy

Dodo3d vs Grashupfa vs dimi16 vs Lordrych

Hanzo vs superlayer

Lordrych vs 1st Angel

Chris_Bolton vs Bobcat1

TheMilitia vs Mr3dguy

Yakuza BOSS vs Elentor vs Underline

3deffects vs piajartist vs Hazzadus

2D/3D Collab Battle


anyone else looking for a challenge? :twisted: :slight_smile:
EDIT: if no one accepts my challenge within 3 days ~ admin or mods please delete this to avoid unnecessary clutter. :slight_smile:


hesitantly picks up the guantlet

what do you have in mind?

I was thinking comic book characters…i was planning on doing one, but could never find the time…i’m good for it now!

If you have another idea, name it, I’m game for whatever right about now.


i am always for challenge… who wants battle contact me here or via PM …


yeah, m@ and fellah did a great thing to start this, besides, it helps much to keep creating on one project if you have the pressure of a challenge. Rumble rumble…


cartoon characters is fine :slight_smile: your on :smiley:
just one request, can we start the thread in a few days, i’m having some really bad finals and other stuff now lol :smiley:

^definetly :slight_smile:


i pm’d u earlier…

we’ll start whenever your ready


coolie! i’ll pm when i’m finished with finals :slight_smile: !


Anyone wanna do a mini challenge with me? :slight_smile:


i am free :stuck_out_tongue:


Cool, someone wanna give us a subject? i was thinking something vague like on fellah vs. M@h’s challenge ‘After the rain’. Can someone please give us a subject?


in this thread : , there are some cool topic suggestions :slight_smile:


Assign us one m@, id rather someone else give us one than one of us pick one.


ok here’s 3 proposals:

-out of the dark



choose one :slight_smile:


mmmm … “what if flying donkeys ruled the world ?”.
… or maybe not.

“out of the dark” sounds fun.


Alright Marko, out of the dark it is. Ill make the thread and post rules in the WIP3D section, post in there after i make it so i can make sure your down for it. Later


ok, anyone up for a challenge, not saying it’ll be much of one mind, but it sounds like fun :slight_smile:


arkadaşlar siz nedediğinizin farkındamısınız ya bir şry sorabilirmiyim? ben Turkey’eden name : omer Yes, ( what is your name ) ya sizin isimlerini yani Benim istediğim YOU SPEAK TURKİSH yani arkadaşlar türkçe bilen varsa bana yardım etsin bilmiyosanız öğrenin kardeşim allah allah yahu, yada daha başka bir çözüm yolu bulalım bana YOU SEPEAC ENGLİSH’e öğretin yahu allah allah tabi siz orada doğdunuz biliyosunuz ya ben türküm türk ya, Ama ben türk olmaktan memnunum çünkü aynı zaman da çok şükür müslüman olarak doğmuşum sizinde müslüman olmanızı isterim ne varsa islam da var arkadaşlar benim ile bağlantı kurabilmeniz için iki email adress vereceğpim ok mi .

                                        e-mail : [email=""][/email]
                                        msn : [email=""][/email]
                                         e-mail-2 : [email=""][/email]
                                        e-mail 3 : [email=""][/email]


anyone speak turkish?


White Dragon, Markovikd doesnt appear to be posting so i dont know whether hes in or not, you wanna do a little challenge with me? The theme is ‘Out of the Dark’ search for threads that i started and youll see it, post in there if you want to go and ill put your name in it instead of his.