Quick sketch i did to roughen up the basic form and I discovered some interesting shading possibilities i Zbrush along the way
Hope you like it so far.


Pretty damn cool. I really like this cell shaded looking material you have on it. May I ask what mat are you using in zbrush to get those results?


Thanks sinIcide, here is the material :


Hej - Sretan uskrs !

Interesting! Im also interested in such materials because i strive to get more painterly-drawn-looking renders out of my pictures (see my Jungle bookwip thread). Im happy to see toon-like renderings implemented in 3d apps.


Thanks Nenad !
TakońĎer sretan Uskrs.


Thanks Anto-toni!


Here is an update with the new topology.


Thanks for kind comments and following this thread and here is the final render:


Totally awesome. It be cool if he had some drool to go along with this. Kinda like the cherry on top. But very cool nonetheless.


Amazing work. Seriously. Im a huge venom fan, and this is what he should look like. Damn dude im stunned.


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