Venom hunter, robin benes (3D)


Can’t wait!! :slight_smile: great idea TES


very nicely done, I really like this stylized appearance of the murloc creatures, the only thing that I could critique about it is way it’s holding its bow and arrow, it seems like it needs a less static pose, they seem just sort of wedged in the claws/hands.

but amazing job on the detail, did you say you did all the modeling in zbrush? or which programs did you say you used for the model creation?


I love em! You really like those spiders! Great attention to detail!


Awesome work!!

Let us know when the making of is up :smiley:


impressive! massive!


I love all the detail you have put in to this piece, very well done.
How many render passes did you use?


One of the best renderings posted here in many years.


I like it very much!


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This is the best CG image I’ve ever seen!


great work!The drawing inside stories in great!


Wow, I am very impressed. The detail on your character and environment is really amazing. :applause:


Fantastic work! and amazing detail


Any news on the making of?


Wow, very nicely!!!


Oh, man… Soooo realistic! Looks like it will jump out the screen on us… :argh:

But I liked more the spider… Nice, nice job!


Very good work!..


Now that’s something fresh and new. I look at it and see him move, hunting down those creepy spiders for whatever reasons he has.
Great work! :thumbsup:


Really cool design and detail, nice colours.


Brutal design! I love details and details! :bowdown: