Venom, Anto Juricic (3D)


Title: Venom
Name: Anto Juricic
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Software: Maya, ZBrush

Hi, this is another villain i made for my portfolio.
Started as quick sketch it quickly involved in to finished piece of work. Check out the WIP thread for more images:


I love Venom!

Looks good, i would add drool/saliva around the teeth and tongue to show his savage animalistic side

  • Ty


Me too,I love this char,totally insane ^^
I agree with Tyrone about the saliva,very nice man,congratz!!


Nice artwork. Yes adding saliva will make it better. :slight_smile:


Very cool. I’d say just increase the spec a bit so there more variation.

I color tweaked adjusted the spec and added a slight glow the the edges in Photoshop.


Thanks all, i guess i could add some saliva.
Mrguy thanks for your effort but I don’t like to much post processing, Although i had my specular and reflection as separate pass so i could add it as much as i want but I have decided that this is right amount.


Oh yeah NP, sorry I wasn’t suggesting it should be post processed I was just making an example.

Still a great model none the less!


hey there looks nice, I agree with the past poster, it wouldn’t be venom if there wasn’t copious saliva


Wow! I love it!


Woooah great Figure


Awesome work! I love the texture on the “eyes”. I agree with the saliva idea.


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