Vehicule: Hunter Killer Tank (Terminator)


hi all
here is my Hunter Killer Tank from Terminator
I use Max 5, brazil and photoshop

Hope you like it…


:thumbsup: That looks really good, but you may want to make it look a little bit more dirty or grimy so to get the battle worn feel unless you want this one to be fresh one clean outta the factory.


Cool…did you use reference. I’ve been thinking about doing a model of the terminator it/himself …maybe the scene where he removes one eye.


hey thanks for reply
I use some ref fromhere


Looks really cool. Very nice model and image.


Wow! Nice work man! So this the cyber-tank from the Terminator 1. Now i can see it properly. It’s too dark to see the machine in the movie.


s-weeeeet!!! this rox! :thumbsup:


thanks all :slight_smile:
I made a lazer and rain


cool lazer…looks like its photoshop…or was it a lighing or partical effect in Max…either way it looks good:thumbsup:


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