Vehicul; Porsche Boxster, Arnaud Servouze (3D)


Title: Vehicul; Porsche Boxster
Name: Arnaud Servouze
Country: France
Software: 3ds max, HDR Shop, Photoshop, VRay

Hi guys. Here is my last work, wich is a photorealistic car, expecting to obtain special and cold atmosphere: Porsche Boxster.
Modeling; Texturing; rendering: Max6 / Vray(hdri)
Post-producted on Photoshop.


nice model i like it, good lights


Really well modelled and lit car. My only crit is I think the blur/dust in the background actually makes for a distraction, I feel it would be better if most of the car was in focus with only a slight blur/dust. Great work though.

Pete B


nice…I like your picture of wireframes…possible?



Perfect work! :applause: :thumbsup:


Thanks guy! Wirframes’ll come soon.


its really nice render, the back of the car looks kinda odd, love the paint, great work


I’m scared… It’s fantastic…Atmosphere is wonderful… The best car render on CGTalk now, I think!
Very great work.5 stars from me!
How u make this perfect integration with the HDRI image? I wanna wires too like others…:slight_smile:
Good art!


Hello people
good job arno barbo
it’s a very very nice background
perfect lighting and atmosphere
but one thing if you make the rockes of the ground more larger I think that will be better



:thumbsup: A real great work. Nice render. It look so good.
More render please ?


The render it’s very realistic. Good job.


I’ve put a hdri map in backround and reflect in Vray environement map. Then i’ve rended in two pass, one for the car and the ground, and a second one for the backround. After that, i’ve pos-producted the whole in photoshop, adjust the lighting, add fog and blur with max’s Z-depth.

Here is a wireframe:


Wonderful man! Really wonderful!
Eventually I must to experiment hdri in no light probe format…
Thank u and Good art!


amazing car!!!:buttrock::buttrock::buttrock:


Awesome model and render!

But something is making this car look like a miniature…maybe the size of the reflections? Looks good on the left side and bottom but seems like a toy when you look at the hood and through in the windshield…


there are some modeling mistakes, i saw comments in your WIP thread,but anyway, atmosphere was your main goal and you achieve some nice feel there… it’s just cold… it’s just cool…


another wire frame, back wiew this time:


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