Vehicle: Yugo Koral 45 (Voted most crappiest car ever)


Trying differend scenes…


Looking good Jure… No crits… Cant wait to see it rigged and in an animation.


Really nothing to crit, but to give more of a run down look. I would make the door a different color like it was replaced by some other yugo. Also have one of the windows busted out and have a plastic bag duct taped on to keep the rain out. Would really give it that lived in feel. Sweet textures! :thumbsup:


i totally agree with danny. and i think the first of the two scenes looks wayyyy better.


There are still errors but I improved the textures a bit… need to fix the bump on the wall amongst other things.


u je**te!!! zakon! :slight_smile: this one rules so much, I couldn’t stop laughing… mostly because we had one also, when we lived in zagreb. It looks pretty much the same, except that ours was not crappy white but crappy yellow, you know, the standard beige-yellow that is apparently so much loved still all across yu, slo and cro. :slight_smile: Thank you so much, you definitely earn 12 out of 10 points…

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Thanks for the comments :slight_smile:

Almost done with interior… Sill need to do the doors and the rear end.


after you are done with it u could try pimping it…she looks like she needs it!
great detail so far…waiting on updates


looks really good!! fine modelling and gr8 tex.

I just think you compositing looks kin of wierd. Not that I can do it better myself but it just looks somehow strange.

How did you do the break in the windshield? Cause thats really awesome!


Thanks for the comments. I am not compositing. I did the environment as well.

As far as broken windshield… I will explain all techinques in my article.


oops…thought it was composited:banghead:

Im really looking forward to your article!!:bounce:


a bag from mcdonald´s… nice :). i could be wrong but the front seats look small, great work anyway



You are the 2nd person who said that… hmm… seat proportions are from blueprints. But I will compare them with real photos and fix them if needed.


Real or fake :eek:
Good model and texture and lighting. SO Perfect.



Still fixing…


Excellent! Nice choice for the car model!
I think it’s more hard to do a car like that!:thumbsup:
Great render and texture.


Love it, refreshing choice of car too. You are what modellers are made of.

Hope your texturing will be as well executed.

v cool work:thumbsup:


scrub my last post I’ve just seen the textured renders, my hopes were not dashed, i’m off to get extra texturing tuition.

really fantastic work.


Great modelling and texturing and rendering there Jure! Absolutely love it, been a while since I saw one of these crapwagons in the flesh…but these renders are the next best thing :slight_smile:

Only little crit is the snow ‘under’ the car, maybe it should be a bit darker to suggest the absence of snow there.


360 spin movie test.