Vehicle: Yugo Koral 45 (Voted most crappiest car ever)


I did a quick environment…


good golly, thats lookin shweeet.



looks great, cant wait to see it textured and with interior


:applause: WOW m8!!! Yust amazing work!!! Sorry that i missed start this thread, but now waiting for updates every minutes.



Wow! This is looking very good! Great attention to details! :thumbsup:
Just a minor crit: curve those windows a bit, they look like a flat plane so far. The body also seem to bee too “boxy” on some parts, smooth (curve) that up a little. Also the horizontal crease across the side of the body seem a bit weavy but maybe it’s just me…

Can’t wait to see more!



Just playing with the car paint and stuff…


Excellent work. That last image reminds me of the Flintstone’s car where they have their feet running along underneath. I can’t fault it -Modelling, Lighting and texturing are all superb so far.


:scream: yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaa :thumbsup::eek: great work man… :slight_smile: love that yugo :slight_smile: YAP my first car :slight_smile: … those were THE DAYZ :slight_smile: keep it up man…
great work great work… love the texturez !


amazing work on the textures dude, i specially like the rusty around the back window… i hope u dont forgett to do the interior, seats all ripped off :slight_smile: … keep the good work


This is really excellent stuff, I especially like the rusty tire, very realistic.


Thanks guys… Will post more updates.


lmao! i’d love to drive this car in a game and crash it =D


Did the rear lights and broke the front windshield… still tweaking the rust mask.


Great texturing! Splendid work. Keep it coming…


Normally i hate cars, since i see so many of them, but for once somone is modeling a rust bucket.

Excelent work on the textures, do you have a spec map for the rust as well? The rust on the back left arch could look a little browner, its quite pale or is that just the light? Also rust is normally above the level of the paint as it bubbles out sorta, looks beneath at the moment in some areas.

Try adding some petrol stains to the paint in the area beneath the fuel (gas) gap.


Isn’t rust below the paint… as paint chips away the metal gets rusty?


It sure is…

On top is the layer of paint
Under that a layer of anti-rust
and then finally the metal case (wich will rust if not protected).


Great modelling and even better texturing, thumbs up from me :thumbsup:

Maybe after you’ve got closer to finishing this you could work on a street racing version :smiley:



Update… did the bottom and tweaked some textures.


Awesome, good textures.
A flat tire would look nice on it.

I had my driver’s exam on a newer model. (yeah they still make them:wip: )
It looks better, but it’s the same old crappy bucket on the inside.