Vehicle: Yugo Koral 45 (Voted most crappiest car ever)


Still lots to do…


A really good model of a … well… not such a good car :slight_smile:
It looks really nice, and neat but one thing strikes me as weird. That … erhm, plastic bar running down the door is curved up at both ends. Shouldn’t it be straight? I hope you know what I mean. But overall I really like it. Can’t wait to see what kind of a steel rim you’ll make for it :slight_smile: oh, and when you make the wheels, don’t make them too wide. Afterall, this is a Yugo :slight_smile: Great idea for a model :applause:


Yes, I’d have to say that you’ve done a very good job and that your geometry looks clean. May I ask what software you are using and renderer? Possibly some wireframes? Cheers.


3DS Max 5.1 and Brazil 1.0

Some older wires…


Hey nice model E_C!

I like how you expressed the aerodynamical revolution which Yugo introduced. And you don’t have to worry about modelling the engine, just put some vacuum cleaner inside.

Waiting to see the progress, keep it up!



I was thinking of putting some hamsters under the hood.


Very good model. Nothing to crit.
I love the style of the render.

But I don’t think the Yugo was the most crappiest car.
Any of you remembers the ‘Sachsenring Trabant 601’? I think if a car deserves that title, then it has to be this one(although it was my first one).


looking very nice so far


Check this article:

Yugo wins! :wise:






Update… I cleaned the mesh, redo the wipers (they were too small and not aligned correctly), did a new rim and tire thred. I need to do a few small details and then start on the interior.


really great work man, solid modeling :slight_smile: , keep working


Thanks :slight_smile:

Here is a closeup of the new tire and the rear.


nice to see people doing something else that sportscars… this looks very nice to me, keep it coming, I keep watching your progress


hey! nice model there. How did you get this lighting? What lights did you use?


everything looking perfect…anxious to see the interior


looking good jure :smiley:


While I wait for interior photos I did some tinkering with textures…


Wow! I like this, great model and now I see u can do great materials.