Vehicle: tracked buggy


So here I go !! This is the first time I show my work on CGtalk and if I find the time, maybe I’ll be on the next challenge…
I’m not skillful but I’m trying to do my best so don’t expect a great 3D model…
My idea is to improve my modeling level, and to do so I’ll try to modelise a buggy I draw. Here is the sketch, I’ll show you the progress of the model.


good luck


Here is the first step. I would know how to attach my file so that it can be viewed in the post.

Please comment !


You have to have the image uploaded up to the web to have it appear in the message, when you use the [ img ] tags. Looks like a good start, but you should sketch the buggy out from the other angles as well.


new step :

and another :

Please tell me what it looks like !


The tyers should be flatter than that, even for an off roader. i mean flat as in the curvature, not the hight of the grip. you wana be carefull when you mirror, you have a lot of errors there.


For the mirror -> I know it’s not correct but I only did mirror so that it looks better. I’ll correct it later.
For the tyres -> Do you mean the side of the tyre is to curvated or the part of the tyre that touch the road ?

Thank you for commenting


I mean the curvature of the part that touches the road. as they will be stearing wheels (the tracks cant rotate) the will probably need more grip, so make their curvature across the road surface less. dont make them flat, it is an off roader after all.

also if the mirror was just there for show, dont worry about the problems quite yet.


No update cause my computer crashed, and so I had to reinstall everything instead of modeling !! :frowning: But I will post as soon as possible another view of the progress.

PLEASE COMMENT, so that I can progress quicker !


Originally posted by Putois_Blagueur
[B]No update cause my computer crashed, and so I had to reinstall everything instead of modeling !! :frowning: But I will post as .

PLEASE COMMENT, so that I can progress quicker ! [/B]

If your workstation crashed (for reasons unknown… cough, cough wind0z)
and u had to reinstall, should u not have lost all your work??
but you are doing great as far as i can see. try to light the scene a bit better, this way C&C can be on areas that seemingly need improvement
keep it up


Here is a small update :

I began to modelise the tracks. I also worked a little on the light as requested by anoe_nomus. (I didn’t lose my work, cause I do regularly backups). Does anybody know how I could deform the tracks along a curve ??? (I use XSI 3.5)



ARGGGG !!! My web provider has crashed !!! That’s the reason why you probably can’t see the images above!!! Too bad, cause I’ve got new renders to show you…I worked a lot on the light and the materials, and progressed a bit on the modeling. I’ll put it on line as soon as the server is on again. Be patient !


So here is my work, (hope my new server won’t crash !!)
As I said, I worked essentialy on the light and the materials. I began to model the back bumper.

back view :

C&C please !


The last add : rods to attach the wheels and shock absorber…

close view :


The only crits I can give you are more technical to mechanics than to the modeling itself.

I’d make the tracks slightly different, some bent, some slightly crooked, unevenly spaced, so forth and so on. Nothing is exactly the same, and since this vehicle goes off road, and most likely has gone off road, it probably won’t be all nice and pretty.

Next is the coilover shocks. I’ve noticed your spring stops where it contacts the surface of the shock. This is not entirely accurate, as the spring will actually coil all the way around that surface and will almost form a complete loop.

Next is the suspension itself. It looks like the arms that come out of the body are fixed arms, and there is a joint right near the tire. If that were a functional suspension, there would be almost no articulation for that suspension to flex. I would bet that if that was functional, the weight of the vehicle could not be supported properly by that suspension, and there would be a extremely positive camber angle on those tires. I would have the hinge for the suspension closer to the body. Just look at any ATV for reference.

I don’t see any form of steering on those front tires either.

And lastly, this is more for aesthetics than anything else, you need to remember that off road tires like that are usually inflated to no more than 10 lbs of pressure. That will cause the sidewalls to buldge out slightly where it contacts the ground. But I wouldn’t worry about that too much in this early stage of modeling.

Keep up the good work.


Here is a little update :

I made the rods stronger as requested by 4 low and I modified the body of the car so that the rods can pass through it. I also began to make a little step on the side.

I know it doen’t progress very much, but I don’t have enough time !!!


PS : I will work on the coil, 4low, as soon as I can !! I promise !! :wink:


cool, I am liking it. But I agree, without some features previously mentioned, the vehicle will not animate as well as it could and wont look as proper as it could. But aside from that, it’s looking very cool. Your metal is impressive, to me, I don’t know how to make chrome like that :slight_smile: Although, an offroad vehicle is probably not so shiney and clean. It would be cool to give it a muddy look, with clean showing through. As if it was just one its first off-road-trip :slight_smile: or you could just beat it all up and make it look all worn out. anyhow, I like it. I’ll check it out again some time.


Thanx for your reply Annuostivix, in fact I don’t want it to be dirty. Maybe if I animate it, I’ll make it dirty, but yet I want it to be like it was out of the factory, because it’s more beautiful to me…:wink:
On another hand, I’m very very bad at texturing, so it would be too difficult to me to make it dirty. First I will concentrate on modeling.


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