Vehicle: Toy Train


I was stuck for about a week, with nothing in my head (Don’t you hate it when that happens) and just today dug this up in my room, a toy train. There’s not much right now, and I’ll try to upload pics of the original object. C & C is welcome.


Heh. Sweet…lookin good so far, though it’s a little early to crit.


An update, after about 2 hours of additional work. Added a smoke stack, and lights, and tweaked a couple things here and there.


That reminds me of this wicked image i had in my head of a train like that being pulled by two hell hounds and with some chick with a wip riding atop the train through a moody canyon, billlowing at the seems like a packed train in india…almost armadilo like in shape…extreme perspective…so cool it deserves to be made reality when my skills get better.


Give me a shout when you make your idea reality, Rip! In the mean while, here’s another update, another hour or so of work. I’ve added some wheels, and have begun on the back section. Should be finished modelling and moving on to texturing soon!


Very close to finishing the modelling, the reason why the area behind the wheels are blocked is to make it look more like my reference, which I will post a picture of when I’m finished all the modelling. C & C welcome as always.


Ok, finished the modelling! The train was intended as a speed model, and was completed in about 6 hours even. Here is the finished model, and as promised: my reference. I decided not to do the two other objects on beside the smokestack, because I am sort of a beginner, and I kind of wanted it to look more like the trains from monopoly :arteest: And as for the bolts, I plan to add them into the textures, to avoid a lot of unecesary modelling.


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