Vehicle: SW Rebel Snow Speeder (Lego) WIP


I’m 14 yrs old. :wavey: So I still consider myself a BIG newbie…

I’m making the Rebel Snowspeeder from Star Wars in Lego. I’m using C4d to build this. If anyone see’s something wrong or if anyone can give advice on making this please post!

I have this lego model in real life and I’m modeling it using the step-by step booklet that i have.

-Ambas :smiley:

This is what I’ve made so far. It the base of the cockpit where Luke and that other guy sit in. I will be posting more updates in a few days.
I’m not focusing on the lighting or materials yet, right now im more concerned about the model

Scroll down and look for the updates!


Yes that a good start

But I think that’s quiet soon to make some crits…
Keep going !!


Added a few more pieces in.


the only thing I see is the dots arent proportionate to the block… i think they should be a bit bigger or the blocks should be smaller…


Should i make the dots bigger or smaller? I don’t realy want to change the size of the blocks because all the pieces are proportional.

Here is another update. i made the dots a little bigger and increased thier height a bit.


that looks much better. so the dots are fine now. damn I wish i could model like that when I was 14 :confused:


More Updates:

Added buncha stuff. Changed so many little things. Added a few more parts including the two pieces on the back of the speeder.

This whole section in the center is the cockpit.

Back View


The diameter of the “dots” are fine but I believe they should be just a little taller. If memory serves those posts should be about one-sixth the height of a full height block and about one-half the height of a “plate” piece (where three plates stack to the size of a full block).


intresting idea, very nicely started 2. you do have ref for all the pieces huh?
if u dont you can go to the site


What are the “posts”? Are they the pieces with a part facing sideways on the back there?

Plate x 3 = Normal Block’s height

Dot x 2 = Plate height?

Yes i know. I have the real model in front of me so all i have to do is measure. :slight_smile:


Sorry to confuse I switched from using the word “dot” to using “post” without realizing it (they both refer to the same thing).


oh ok then… forget about my previous post


Finished both of the wings!! All i have to do now is complete the cockpit and fix up the materials.



where are the hinges for the wings, right now they look to be floating…


View without the wings
I havnt finished the back portion , so don’t say anything about it yet.


bah this does suck. nobodys replying.


its looking good, always nice to see lego models :slight_smile: , keep us updated


hE Y MAN don’t EVER get discouraged if you don’t get a reply…even those of us who’ve been here a bit don’t get replys all the time…just have faith in you work…and keep your focus. People will noticE



u really impressed me, u r just 14 yr old and able to use 3D application very well :thumbsup: .
i have no idea what i was doing at that time, keep it up, grow with C4D and make everyone surprise (especialy other 3D app user) :slight_smile:
i wish there was a time machine…


If your 14 years old, I’m jesus christ.

Unless of course your dad is doing this for a living…