vehicle: suzuki


WIP … motorcycle inspired by Suzuki B-King… i’m lookin’ for anybody who wants to try to make composition or simply final render my model…


the bike looks great. how did you get the hi res image posted? I cant seem to get good quality work up here

clint parker


dam…i love bikes…
nice work


gorgeous. Is there no speedometer, or is that a digital screen? ive never seen a bike like that before.


looks awesome. I would love to have the chance to composite that for you. PM me if you’re interested!!


obsolutely stunning modelling
nurbs? please share your technics! I have attempted bikes but nothing has come out like this


thank you…
2Spiffjackson: i don’t know about problems with posting hires images here… it’s direct link to my website… or,i don’t understand exactly,what you want to know maybe… :wink:
2:faux-pas: speedometer is really digital,no analog stuff here;)
2:JustinCesler: yeah,i’m going right now to send you PM;)
2:laker: yes,it’s NURBS modeling. i used Rhino for this… this is wireframe from ‘modeling time’:wink:
and… this is my attempt to rendering… but,i’m not good in this, i like modeling much more…
and… some more shade preview…


Looks fantastic! I drive a Kawasaki ZX-6R 636 '03 myself! I would definitely like to give this a shot renderwise - PM me too!! If you like to see my stuff - visit my website. Great stuff.


fantasic work man! wanna to see it finished in some scene!


I’ve sent you “private mail” regarding collaborating with you on this :slight_smile: Looks great so far!


yeah m8s, i’m going to write all of you right now;)


stunning !
the detailism at this one is really impressive ! and everything looks very well modeled. rhino you said ? … if you share this one for rendering … I`d love too be in :slight_smile:


Minor, MINOR critique: the forks are too thin, i.e. not big and round enough. on an otherwise over the top modelling job, they detract (btw, seems to be common with moto models i see around :slight_smile: )

congratulations! should look amazing when rendered.


Unfortunately I can’t see the images you’ve posted which is a great shame as the other Suzuki you posted was excellent work and I was looking forward to seeing more. Perhaps the server/domain is currently down, I’ll check back again soon.



Hello. I would love to have the chance to light, texture and render your bike! It looks pretty nice. Even more, I would love to work on the H2. :slight_smile: Take a look at some of my stuff on Cgtalk. I have much more that I can send you if you want. I work for a studio doing car renderings for advertisement. I have been a fan of your work for a while. I will give you a copy of any scenes that I would work on. Email me at
Talk to you soon,

Brian Ellebracht

btw, it would be great if I could help with the hummer, since cars are my thing :slight_smile:


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