Vehicle: Supertank


Started this model yesterday…
Thought it would be an interesting idea to make a tank with a double high speed canon.

Those strange armorplates are supposed to be super magnets that keep shells and rockets away from the tank. ( I’m still working on that idea… )

Want to add alot of weaponsystems to the tank like one of those CIWS
( Close In Weapon Systems mounted on Aircraft Carryers > A modified GAU-8/A Avenger 30mm Gatling… We’ll see… )

Basic design okay? Suggestions?


My $.02:

Well, the US military is currently experimenting with a form of electromagnetic “field” effect, tied to reactive armor… basically, if something metallic enters the threshhold of the EM field, something like 1.5 meters, it detonates a counter-charge of reactive armor, blowing outward into the path of the oncoming projectile, and cancelling out a considerable portion of the shell’s inertia and/or explosive force…

However, the size of the magnets you have on there really distracts the eye. Maybe if you made them perhapps a quarter of that size, and evenly spaced out…

Also, the presence of the magnets on the barrels just doesn’t look right to me. I would think they would actually slow down the round in the barrel, or even stop it completely (depending on their strength)… and maybe make the barrels bigger in diameter. They’re just not very intimidating. :slight_smile:

Having said that, I really like how you have the forward half having the treads on the outside, and the rear half having the treads on the inside. As long as the forward half does NOT have treads in the center part, and the rear half does NOT have treads on the outside, it’s theoretically feasible. It looks good, may not be more effective than current methods, but it really looks good.

BTW, how did you do the treads, and have them end up both even, and nicely spaced?


This looks phenomenal! I am speechless! Texture it!


Hey nice ideas. Nice idea on the treads Not sure if that could turn as easily or efficiently as the conventional methods but I think it could work… I think the magnets may be a bit too much, aesthetically speaking. I like the concept, something like that would take alot of power to deflect something as powerful as a shell… what would happen if it drove past something metal like a metal building or another tank? they’d have to turn it off probably :P.


doh Something must have gone wrong with the E-Mail Notofication… Oh well…

@ Valandar:
Mhh… Yeah i’ve heard of that reactive armor…

Hmm… Now that you mention it i could make the Magnets a bit smaller ( but still leave them as Magnets ;] )

Uhm… From what i know, magnetic fields can be neutralized OR rerouted with special Metals so the thing with the barrel wouldn’t be such a problem. But if that’s a problem too i could switch them of ;]

Treads: Check out THIS picture for a close up on them!
I just linked them to each other like a chain and then placed them around the 4 outer wheels that shape the thread…
Connecting the 2 ends was a pain in the back but not such a big thing.

@ Quester99:

@ Windmill:
Hmm… It’s like i sayed above. The magnetic field doesn’t work everywhere.
On my model it’s just active in front of one of those Plates, not behind it.

Small preview on the engine housing of the front tracks:

Work suxx… You can never do the things you like to do… sigh


wow very cool :smiley: I like the details . keep on the good work !


Been rather busy today but stil managed to do something on the model:

Still something to do on the treads but i think they work out the way i want them ¦:]

I think tomorrow i start with the inner side of the tracks and the connection to the main chassis.

Gnah… Need to find a good place for the anti infantry miniguns :°


realy nice details ! what program is used ? :slight_smile:

sieht geil aus :stuck_out_tongue:


I use 3DS Max 5.1 with the standard Light Tracer as renderer.

Danke für’s Kompliment :°


well, first of all i love the design,
and the magnets ould either speed upthe bullet or slow it down. it ould work like a bullet train, those magnetic trains their tarted to build, it pushes it self of magnets. Now imagine that iwth a tanks bullet, im not sur ehow fast tank bullets go normally, but think aobut it, you launch the tnak bullet, and the magnets make it rotate faster, this way, itll go faster, AND itll pierce the armor of the other tank even better, because its spinning, now, give hte bullets a protery of a srew, this thing would KILL anything in its way.

Its a nice idea with the magnets eerywhere, but they make the tnak look kinda messy. I like it when things look cool, try doing that with this tank, maybe, make it look more attractive instead of little humps everywhere, hehe
those are my C&C, just keep up the good work.


It looks really good, wow. It would be nice though if you posted a wire of it.


@ Kralle:
The idea with the shells accelerated by the megnets is nice!
Brought me to another idea of a weapon from a comic:
A Scalar Magnetwave Weapon
Some strange weapon using vertical electric gravitation waves…
In the Comic it’s used for 0.3sec to melt a 1’350t Dora cannon.

Maybe i’ll change my mind about the main weapon >;]

@ The_Paladin:
Uhm… I tried to make a wire picture but it’s hard to tell what’s going on in the picture ^.^

Next Update:

Started the Suspension ( not yet finished ):

The anti infantry Gatlings:

Random thought: 1.04mio polys kill my PC >:(


good concept and excelent modeling

one thing that reaaaly bugs me,
how is it going to turn?

on tanks turning is done by making one track go faster than the other one

Just by looking at yours I see you have one center track in the back and then a front left and right track, so right now its impossible for it to turn. Also it seems more to be some sortof a heavy artilery than a tank.

Another is that if the turret rotates 90° to the side the tank will top over :stuck_out_tongue: or so it seems, the turret rotating top thing needs a counterbalance. And I think that the tank needs to be wider for another reason, if its 90° turned and fires the recoil could top it over.

So my recomendation is either to shorten the barrel a bit and make it about one track wider than it is now or more. Or change it to more of an artillery, so the turrets can rise high up.

sorry if I crap on it so much, but you should reeealy finish this because the modeling detail is just so amazing :smiley:


@ The_Paladin:
Rofl… I forgot about the Viewport option :wink:

@ Hexodam:
Actually i thought the world would turn around the tank but then again… naaaahh :wink:

No for real i have 2 options:

  1. I make the tank able to bend in the center like an excavator or,
  2. I change the front suspension to the idea i had from the beginning so it could rotate the front tracks about 60° to 90° and give the tank a T-Shape where the horizontally girder would be the front tracks and the vertically girder the back track.


i like your concept. :slight_smile: can you put a man/sillouhette next to it? that gatling gun you have added has completely thrown my sense of scale outta whack. this must be huge like the terminator hunter/killer tanks i think. keep going though, its a great piece. :smiley:


man, this is looking awesome! It’s huge! It didn’t look as big until you added the gatling gun. Keep updating it, it’s looking incredible!


You have done an incredible job polygon count wise!! You don’t have any excess. Nice.


@ stecki:
Here you go:

Hmm… Yeah… The tank IS big… But i thought of something like a landcruiser… For an example look here P1000 or P1500.
Hmm… Crap… I think that guy is a bit too big.

@ Quester99:
I’ll do! ¦:]

@ The_Paladin:
Uh well… The rivets could be more less in polycount but i think that doesnt matter atm…


I added the “Obstacle Gun”… An autonomous GAU-8/A Avenger 30mm Gatling cannon. ( so much for the idea… )

It will clean the path in front of the tank from everything that could cause problems like tank traps, mines and enemy vehiecles.

The tube above the barrels is the targeting scope. The one under it the rangefinder.

Hmm… I just noticed the ammobelt goes through the vertical guiding rail… This suxx.


looks pretty good so far, but it’s personally not my style… its so complex, I like things that are simple but intriguing and efficient, this tank looks like it could have 1 part fail, and the whole thing breaks down.

but, your modeling is pretty cool… but, as I said, its not the simple style, so, you get to use as much geometry as you want, so it doesnt look like your modeling anything too complex, but it looks good. I like the way the last post shows the gun even tho in the real model not all of it is exposed.