[VEHICLE] Subaru Impreza (custom tuning)


Custom tuned Subaru Impreza … made entierly for FUN.

I used:
Max 5.1 - modeling
Rhino 3 - additional modeling
Final Render Stage-1 - rendering
Photoshop - textures

I am open for any critics :buttrock:


Looks great!!

Can we see a non subdivided mesh?

I think maybe the rear lights look a bit dark, but of course they could be tinted…

Personally I think the rims look a bit small, and maybe the car would a looked a little cooler with more low profiles and a few inches larger wheels.

The mesh looks very good…

Can we get a larger render of one of them, a little less compressed too?



wow, great modelling and lighting. Can you gimme some tips on how to get this lighting ?


sorry but FREE webhostig S@CK


and here is the wire


technical masterpiece … nothing more to say



Originally posted by B.R.Rajeev
wow, great modelling and lighting. Can you gimme some tips on how to get this lighting ?

Well I used sachform HDRI Only for reflecting environment. And for light i used 1 direct light set to intensity 0.3, and turned on skylight in GI setting in FinalRender Stage-1… the settings for skylight is 1.5 intensity white, 16 samples and 70 % quality of light :slight_smile:

I hope I helped.


Very nice rendering indeed !!
The wheels also appear small to me ? And maybe a better aa could be fine. But definitely nice model/rendering !


excellent work, this is one of my favourite cars too, the colours work really well :slight_smile:

the only thing that looks a little strange is the jagged edges around the rims on the black one, but I assume that’s just render settings


This is one of the best car models I have seen in a long time! No crits here. :slight_smile:


Awsome work… Frontpage material for sure!

Only crit. the tires are to bulgy, to much rubber but awsome:thumbsup:


oh damn what a paint job!!! now seriously… PLEASE DO A TUTORIAL ON HOW TO GET SUCH AWESOME LIGHTING AND PAINT!!!

your car really stands out, not from simply from detail but overall presentation. oh and i reckon the black one is super cool

edit: one crit is the lack of tread on the tires, pattern should be repeated more


Here is no sub-d wire guys


me like, me like



This is really amazing!! :buttrock:

And I’m struggling with the Fiat 500 tutorial… :scream:

Awesome work Sqwall, especially the brakes system!!!

If the maximum is 5 stars, then it is worth 6. :applause:


Its outstanding !


Did’nt have a long time to nit-pick but, from what I’ve seen that car rocks!


Dude! That’s freakin’ wicked!!! Amazing model man, I’m diggin the black version…:drool:



Very nice, but i see there is the same promblem like in stage 0, poor antialiasing. :frowning:


UAAAUUU :surprised
give the price for Sqwall :applause: