Vehicle: Star of Africa (Bf 109 F-4 / Trop)


Hi all
Currently i have this personal project… modelling, texturing and animating a “Friedrich” Bf 109 F-4 Trop, one of my favourite WWII fighters…
The plane that i´m talking is one that was piloted by the WWII “Ace” Hans-Joachim Marseille. It was a Messerschmitt Bf 109 F-4 / Trop, with the mighty yellow 14 in the I./JG 27 in the North of Africa.
I am collecting information about him and more precisely, about this aircraft.

It´s a project i am doing in my (few) spare times.
Above are some test renderings to see the behavior of the surfaces in rendering, of the modelled parts so far… the nose.

C&C are welcome



It’s looking very nice! Really looking forward to the updates. I’m signing up for this topic!

BW Marseille had a very foolish death. It wasn’t okay for an ACE like him.


You´re right neu, a sad end to is life (22 years!!!). Thank´s for your nice words, i will try to keep posting some updates to this one :slight_smile:

And here is a small one,
the blades…


I’m now working on the cabinet… a tricky one!

As it is made of smaller panels than those on the body, it has finer/small edges, i still have to made them more rounded, less “fine crafted”, as the rest of the plane :wink: to fit well on the body.
If you look to real photos of this birds, you see that some of the surfaces are very deformed, not that i´m aiming to that, but i will try to put some of that misshapenness on the plane!

Anyway, i´m waiting your C&C on this.



man this is awesome, i like it.

i’ll assume that the small gray things behind the propellor are guns,

in the front view it seems that the bullets if they come out they would hit the body …

keep it going :slight_smile:


and you´re right, they are two MG 17, caliber/mm 7.92, and the one on the nose is a MG 151/20, caliber/mm 20.
The front view is taken from a 50º camera, and it isn´t aligned in front of the guns, so, visually you get the idea that the bullets would cause serious problems to the pilot firing them :slight_smile: no, the surface in front of the machine guns is straight as hell from them!!!



Whoa…awesome stuff there, :zepedro:. I’ll be watching this thread - looks like you have an eye for detail and it shows in your modelling. Great looking renders too, by the way. What program(s) are you using?

If you want some serious C&C, Skyraider3d is your man - he seriously knows his WWII planes - I’m sure this thread will catch his eye sooner or later.

Keep up the beautiful work!


Very detailed model so far. Hope it will be done with this sense for detail until finished.

Very nice materials, can you tell us, what render are you using?

btw. bf109 is one of my favourite WWII planes (with Fw109, and Me 262)


Awesome work :zepedro: , t plane is starting to look very good, i dont know very well this plane so hard to me to comment t details, but everything looks in place…gr8t job…will b waiting for updates.


Well well, it’s looking great so far!
Nothin much to add by now.
Keep it up, its comin terrific, as always.

btw, he’s usin MR on Maya :wink: but shhhhh don’t tell anyone.


Hi all
Thanks for your nice comments :slight_smile:

Nosalis the renderer that i´m using is mentalray for maya, in maya 5.0.1. Basic shaders to evaluate the surfaces and some colors to catch the feeling of the final plane. Finalgather used for lighting.

bluestar77 yeah, Skyraider3d has some real nice airplanes, and for sure it is one expert on this ones!!!

Q_B Então senhor? Mandei a boquinha na tua formiga… :slight_smile:
A sério, era só para mandar para as primeiras páginas, a ver se lhe apanhas o gosto outra vez :wink: Mister Brunoides tem um joker bem fixe, estive a vê-lo no outro dia, mui guapo!!! Ai, o chavalo a sair do armário:)))!!!


Oi Ze Pedro,

Tudo bem? Vou fazer isto em ingles qué para os outros lerem tb.

Excelent modelling skills. Your Me109 looks really good.
I’ve read that u use Maya…I’m using lightwave.

I am also starting a thread with a F4U corsair.
My F4U

And probably I’m going to try and render my stuff with the same look as yours. Your renders look really cool.

Nice to see more portuguese people here.


Obrigado Zardoz :slight_smile:

As for the shading i´m using, it´s very clean right now, to really see the surfaces behavior, this desert birds were always filled with dirt and dust, they even needed a Tropical filter :slight_smile:
I will try to make this one a aged machine, by the climate and the constant use and abuse :wink:
For your F4U corsair a nice clean and shining deep blue paint is the one to go, in my opinion!!




Here is a update, more body done.
This section i´m doing is a tricky one, because it´s a large surface without real independent panels and with a lot of holes and stuff. To make them, and at the same time, conserving the surface continuity is a time consuming task :frowning:
There are still some issues to deal with in whats done… the surface right in the back where the wing ends at the body, as some bugs;
the medical kit compartment (the square almost in the tail) isnt following the curvature of the body, it is concave and it needs to be convex…
The gap between the fuselage and the cabinet is too strong, i want that to be noticed but not so much, as you can clearly see on the side view. Same problem on the Medical Kit i mentioned before.

But i will try to keep an eye on them, and hopefully, clean that out :wink:

Testing with some different shaders, only to see how it works, nothing fancy… (some strange artifacts on the reflection on the bottom!!!)

Keep your C&C coming, thanks :slight_smile:


wow, it’s great!

Can you post a wire?


nice zepedro…i see u been busy :), for what i see t biggest probs are what u already mentioned, but not only t medic kit but also t round hole on t middle of t central panel…what kind of surfaces u using to model that part? polys/nurbs/subd´s… if it is nurbs t best way to fix that would be to project curves and do a couple of trims and fillets. good luck with t progresses



Here is a wire :
(Not much optimized:))

Polygon count is around 72000 faces for now…
I´m modelling in polys converted to sub´s, them converting to polys again to render. At final conversion i will have to be more effective, tesselation wise… :slight_smile:

Guybrush Im trying to work on this, all the time i have spare!!
Thanks, i also noticed that circle zone… (work, work, work:)


thats some messy surfaces u hav there :)… im thinking this is a smothed version u use to render, if thats t case, can u post t low-wireframe?!

for what i can see from this pic, i think it would b better for u to remodel t hole parts, make again a smooothed surface, duplicate t surface, and so some bollean operations to keep t surface continuity.


Hi all

Messy surfaces, me??? ;))

Polycount was reduced to 56971 in this stage, but not very optimized or cleaned by now…

Here is one more update, working on the previous problems, i think that it´s better but some work remains on this…
I couldn´t put much time on this, hope to work more on it in next days.

C&C very wellcome.



its better…but still not perfect :)… perhaps u could try use some displace maps