Vehicle: RX-7


Supra87, great attention to detail. Keep posting as you update. Can’t wait to see some texturing.


You know, I’m pretty positive that, if you put gas in that thing, it would actually run.
I don’t think you’ve missed a single detail in this model -just simply amazing!
I don’t know what else to say except -I hate you!!
:applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:


this truly is some crazy stuff… the details in the engine, just the engine as a model could be an own thread…

this is fantastic, keep us up to date on your progress


just perfect. The detail, precision etc…everything is there to make this model a real winner! Cant wait to see some textures applied to it…or an animation where you see the engine turning…hehe.


looking good


Hi there. Crazy A**, white boy! WOW?! Look at the engine, it’s well modeled. As I don’t know the composition of an engine, I can’t tell you what’s missing.
The body, engine and the interior are well modeled.
I’m modeling a concept car and I’m thinking to model the engine too. Hope to get help from you to model it:D
keep coming yoh.


87Supra u freaked me out. What a great detail on that car model of yours. :eek:

I have questions regarding picture for references. Do you guz know where i can find good modified cars and all the stuff.

I dont know much about modified cars. Where can i follow such trend. especially bumpers, drivers seat, disc brakes, exhaust, or anything like that.

btw love to see some more of your stuff.


Really awesome.



hey there. incredible work :slight_smile: i’m fascinated.

I’m in the middle of doin a bmw 3 - series model too. I was just curious where u get your reference for the interior? do u have the actual car model? I have problems doint he interior of my convertible bmw 3 series. Any ideas where to get reference for the interior and more detailed exterior references other than just images?

thanks :slight_smile:


Amazing. Good luck with the UV layouts. :eek:


unbelievable:eek: :eek:


This is pretty insane how much detail you put into the details with details ontop of thsoe details. Thats dedication.

how long has this taken you thus far?
How many hours a day?


Your car looks awesome, I’m having the hardest time trying to get my car to look smooth. I’m going with the single plane, cloning edges where I need them. I hope this method can achieve the same level of results that your method did. Will it?


of course, just tri you best man …:bounce:


Wow - genius!

  • hope this thread doesn’t just stop!

PLEASE keep up-dating - ha, easy for me to say i know!


yeah!:buttrock: i love the details…hpw long have u been working on these stuff ? just love to see the finish product. really great:applause::applause: 5 stars for you


such great detail cannot go unrewarded!!! GJGJGJGJGJGJ!:thumbsup:


whoops! I let it die ;). I’d love to get this project going again but my computer still can’t really handle the file very well. I’ll see what I can do. Thanks for all the replys everyone!


Hey supra, long time no chat! Why don’t u hit me up on msn sometime!



First of all: OMG!! Awesome work dude! I could never do anything like that!

But i assume you want to get crits too, so here goes. :wink: I edited your last clay rendering to show you where I see some errors. They’re hardly noticeable, but they are there.

Please don’t kill me. xD