Vehicle: RX-7


It’s always a treat to see a car modelled with an interior, it’s even a bigger treat to see a car modelled with the engine, awesome job on this car my man. :thumbsup:

I got some questions for ya, did u eyeball the interior/engine based on reference pictures or u got some blueprint for them? what sort of reference are u using for this?


very nice modeling and the details are great !!


gr8t details :thumbsup:




perfect details!!!


Heh, I know the pain with iterations, cuz with my calculator having 1,25 GB of ram I can as well get stuck with smoothing (metaform in LightWave).

Anyway, perfect work. One thing is really good - you keep me inspired; before I post anything, however, I need to work some more, maybe study the manual better… :smiley:

Keep up the good work, you’re among the people who actually make CGTalk what it is. Highly addictive, high-end area where folks with more or less the same obsession can look at some unreadable wireframe views and make some strange sounds like ‘ooooohh… oh yeah… aaaaaaaaahhhh that’s about IT, BABY, KEEP IT COMING YEEEEEEAAAAAAH!!!’

Come on, people, aren’t we a little sick?

Love the Mazda :slight_smile:


In regards to Windshield,



Yo0z – Thanks, up to 70 hours or so now.

unknown limit – Don’t know why you would be envious of an 1987 Supra but if you really are I have 2 :wink:

RusMan – Thanks man! How do I keep myself inspired? I’m a perfectionist, so I guess it kind of comes naturally. The problem is I never feel finished :slight_smile:

Buggy166 – Just an Athlon 1800 XP, 512mb RAM and g-Force 5700 w/256mb. The biggest problem I run into is running out of memory. A faster processor would be nice for quicker render times though. I get around any problems by modeling sections under different files like Engine, Interior, Body, Wheels/suspension. Then I just merge when I want to do a final render.

P_T – Glad to treat you :wink: As for your questions: all my reference pics I found around the internet, usually Google or Ebay. You can find nice hi-res pics on Ebay most of the time. It also helps that I’m a “weekend mechanic” on my own cars. Unfortunately, I’ve never worked on any rotary motors like in the RX-7 so that was a bit challeging for me.

WindShield – Glad to keep you inspired :smiley: And I would agree that most of us are sick :wink:

Ok so I just had to do one more outside render now that I’ve completed the engine :slight_smile: I also got to fixing the proportions on the brake rotors and made them cross drilled.

Oh, and my next post WILL HAVE COLOR :wink:

New images in next post /


Fantastic work. The detail is mind blowing. The engine compartment could easily stand on its own. I can’t imagine staying focused long enough to create such a model. I admire not only your skill but your commitment to finishing the project. Sorry, but no real crit. Good stuff.


Can’t see the pix :banghead: a link, perhaps? sorry to bother you, but i’d really like to see them :drool:

Simon: Woof, woof.


Strange…pics were working. Anyway, hope this works :slight_smile:


I can’t help but notice the lack of anything in front of the inlet side of the turbo. Are you going to add duct work or an air filter there eventually? Other than that, no crits… awesome work.


Incredible model. Very nicely done.



Oh yesyesyes now I can see :slight_smile: sooweet :slight_smile:


You’re work is how can I put it: WoW!!! how long did it take you and how many years (I’m assuming years) experience in Max have you had? Again excellent work!!!

Out of five I’d rate you as a six


I am very impressed. I build low(er) poly cars at work all the time and I could never imagine that kinda detail. The visualization alone is impressive not to mention the implementation of it all.



ey 87Supra,

very nice work…
i dont have crit cause the rest of the guys allready post the things that i see…
this project inspires me and i also learn from your work (thank you)
good luck with everything, and i hope you get a faster processor soon. :smiley:


The engine detail is absolutely gorgeous… nice work man.

Only thing I have to comment on is that the wheels seem to be inset too much, I might be crazy or it might be the angle but to me it just looks that way.
I look forward to seeing the rest of your progress and process.


the detailing is awesome,…


this is the greatest car i have ever seen… i love the engine… i love everything… you rock !! im jealous of u :stuck_out_tongue:


hope add material che car