Vehicle: RX-7


awesome model man! can’t wait for those shader renders :bounce:


WOW! That’s extemly detailed! How do you handle that? Your machine can’t be that slow. My current Mazda-project uses far less polygons and is a pain on my Pentium-M 1.6GHz + 1GB ram + Radeon9000 machine… my congratulations for so much love to details! Keep going!


Well, well, what have we here… The headlights show some sharp angles on the edges, the wiper fluid pipes are a little too thin… if that’s what they aaaAAAARRRRGHH you kidding me?! :eek: THIS IS THE BEST STUFF I’VE SEEN SO FAR!

Ultimately divine! And on the seventh day He Made It Textured!

That’s it. I was going to show my concept car WIP here on cgtalk, but now I’m off to modelling some rope to hang myself on.

You’re my idol! :thumbsup:


Awesome. Love the detail. Im suprised you modeled that entire engine with poly’s and no nurbs or something. Looks really good. One crit is the brake rotors and calipers. The rotors look way too big and the calipers look way too small. Other than that keep up the good work and cant wait to see more progress.


My first thought was - FREAK! Besides that, awesome model mate! :smiley:


Can’t say too much…it’s incerdible. It’s reminds me to TheSaddix’s 500 SL project…same detail level. I love to see works like this. I’d be glad to see the wire of the above shot :slight_smile:

Good job! Keep on updating!
Greetings, neu


Amazing !!! The detail you have in that engine bay is out of control :slight_smile: Brilliant.


Well you can’t do much wrong from now.
Looking very very nice.

If I worked in 3D business, I would give you a job! ; )


Good job my friend, i don’t really have any critics for you.


Then engine compartment looks awesome. I don’t envy you when it comes time to texturing it. Looks like it’s going to be a lot of work.


Wooooooo!!! simple beautiful!!
how long has this taken?!.. sorry if thats already been asked.

Cant wait for more!!!

Cheers, Will


<<<very sorry about the double post!>>>


Finally, back at it again :slight_smile: Updates at the bottom /

Thanks to everyone for the replys and comments, shaders are coming soon I think :smiley:

To the questions:

Da3X – Most of the slowness I experience is due to my processor. But the biggest problem I have is that sometimes I can render because I run out of RAM, I only have 512mb.

WindShield – Thanks for the entertaining post :wink: As for the sharp angles on the headlights, I can only do 2 iterations on meshsmooth or my computer starts to smell like burning :wink: and the “wiper fluid pipes” are actually NOS purge lines which can really be any size as long as they can hold the PSI.

thearchitect – Thanks for pointing that out. I totally agree, although the calipers are to scale the rotors are too big. I am going to remodel them anyway so that they will be slotted and cross drilled. I appreciate the crits :smiley:

neu – Thx, I’ll post the above wire below.

kevjon – uh, yeah…texturing will suck haha

unknown limit – At this latest point I’m guessing 70 hours but I started several months ago. I don’t get much 3d time because I have a full time job and a girlfriend :wink:

Update – As for the render, I think I’m finally done with all the components of the engine. I’m still going to do a simple version of the transmission.

The headlights go through the body in this render because I didn’t have the pivot point in the right place, but it’s fixed now :slight_smile:

After a little bit more modeling here and there on the rest of the car it’ll be time for textures! :smiley:

Here’s the above wire:

AND…the update:


im truly impressed…i can’t wait to see this one done!


Holy shit man! That’s STUNNING work! How long did it take you to model it?


Nothing to crit man, at least nothing you know already yourself.
All that detail, should be nice to throw some dirt textures on that :slight_smile:
Err… and yeah, nice intercoolers :stuck_out_tongue:


still lovin’ it man!!
OT: oh and btw, im very envious of your name… hehe :smiley:
Cheers, Will


Holy sh*t, this is insane:eek:, I love all the details, they’re the best I’ve seen so far.
Don’t really have any crits. How do you keep yourself inspired? I can’t finish my car, and it’s not even a third as detailed as your car.

Great job


what comp you runing? mine is lag-o-rama after like 100k polys…lol:scream:


stiill looking awesome man! keep up the super work :thumbsup: