Vehicle: RX-7


waiting for renders


yes …what he ^ said


that engine is… you know what i mean…



p.s. hello from Russia =)


Great work, fantastic detail, so what did you use as reference for the inner flitch panels etc?
Bodywork is easy enough but your engine bay just rocks.:thumbsup:


This is just great, love the details and specially the engine, can’t wait to see more.
Could you render some more details of the car?


This is some crazy modeling man, awesome and cant wait to see this textured:thumbsup:


This is probably the best car model I’ve ever seen. I’m simply blown away. I’m a car designer and past owner of an RX7 and I’d have to say that the proportion and detail seems damn near perfect! You won’t have any problem finding work out there if you really wanted it. The amount of time is pretty incredible also. Can’t wait to see how it looks all shiny and all.


This is the most awsome modeling ive ever seen… i must ask u… u have any god tut on making enginbays or have u used ref pics?


This is mad… u used ref pics to make the engine bay or u got nice tut on making engines and such?


hhhhhrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr what a model man !
i am stunned man how can u do that that is unbelievble and unexpected man
the car engine is astonishing hell of hard work and hell of work i salute to ur modelling and i think u r modelling god . thats my comment for you


wow…the detail is just amazing:applause: excellent work!!!



sesim, tuts only get you so far… and to model engines, U’ve either got it or you haven’t :wink:


I can`t even imagine how much time and work has been put in this model:eek:
Just exellent!!!


Wow, I love the level of detail on your model. Nice job! I am making my first car now and this is great inspiration!


That is amazing. The detail is incredible. Most people would be too lazy to model the engine and just put a hood on it. But your hard work has paid off. Hope to see what you can do texturing it.


YOU ARE INSAME!! :eek: That is something you think to do when you are almost sleeping and wake up finishing the work many days later. :smiley:

Do u know where I can find other 5 stars? You deserve 10 for sure! :buttrock:


hey mate ,would love to see the texturing if possible on your computer.the model is extraordinary as you know.all the best.


Apart from the little bumps that someone pointed out, this is turning to be a very professional project can´t wait to see it textured.


very impressive

I have been interested in having someone model my car, let me know if you are interested. here are pics of my track car: