Vehicle: RX-7


hhhhhrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr what a model man !
i am stunned man how can u do that that is unbelievble and unexpected man
the car engine is astonishing hell of hard work and hell of work i salute to ur modelling and i think u r modelling god . thats my comment for you


wow…the detail is just amazing:applause: excellent work!!!



sesim, tuts only get you so far… and to model engines, U’ve either got it or you haven’t :wink:


I can`t even imagine how much time and work has been put in this model:eek:
Just exellent!!!


Wow, I love the level of detail on your model. Nice job! I am making my first car now and this is great inspiration!


That is amazing. The detail is incredible. Most people would be too lazy to model the engine and just put a hood on it. But your hard work has paid off. Hope to see what you can do texturing it.


YOU ARE INSAME!! :eek: That is something you think to do when you are almost sleeping and wake up finishing the work many days later. :smiley:

Do u know where I can find other 5 stars? You deserve 10 for sure! :buttrock:


hey mate ,would love to see the texturing if possible on your computer.the model is extraordinary as you know.all the best.


Apart from the little bumps that someone pointed out, this is turning to be a very professional project can´t wait to see it textured.


very impressive

I have been interested in having someone model my car, let me know if you are interested. here are pics of my track car:


most impressive


Very impressive, i think my mouth hung open for a good five minute at all the detail. So much detail in one model.
When you said you were sure you missed some parts of the engine I started looking at what might be missing and I thnk I miss the battery. The rest all seems to be there… dunno wehre the starter engine is normally but I am sure you got htat covered as well.


really freaky cool and impresive, k’ i hope to see this proyect done. and finished with textures.

the amount of detail is jus awesome,


Dang, that is one detailed model! 5 stars mate!


Thanks for trying to revive this nearly dead project :wink:

GallenWolf – Thanks for the stars :smiley:

lordsol – I hope someday I will finish but it’s not looking good right now because I’m sooooo busy in the rest of my life :frowning:

JesterRace – Thanks for the C&C man. The battery is there in one of the renders and the starter isn’t exactly there but the casing around it is. Thanks again!

delahuerta – First off; if that is you car…I hate you…:wink: Secondly, your car is awesome and I would love to try and model it with all the body mods, wheels and decals. Ya know, the challenge might even get me back into this thing…

We’ll have to just see how it goes. Thanks again to everyone for the interest. To the people who are tired of seeing this old crap, I am sorry :slight_smile:



87suprayoumustgiveussometutorialsorelseiwontgiveyoufivestars ::::faints:::::


anything new done, any renders? :slight_smile:


Holy Shit! thats awsome! amazing work - Making a car can be really tedious job errrr 5 Stars!


Thats absolutely incredible man…I’m a HUGE fan of car modeling, and seeing someone put this much time and effort into their model is nothing short of genuinely amazing…5 Stars for you my friend!! I’m in love with it!


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