Vehicle: RX-7


Here is my current project. Done in Max 6 using poly modeling and mesh smooth (mostly).

Car -
Exterior 90% (maybe a lip kit)
Interior 90% - only bits left like seatbelts
Engine 75% - obviously there is some missing

Total is now 1.16 million polygons

There probably won’t be texturing for a little while because my slow computer can’t handle it. I will hopefully be buying new memory and a processor soon.

C&C please. BTW the spoiler probably won’t be perminant.







ABS setup:

Blow off valve:



Wheels (old render the concave look to the tread is fixed):

Window wiper:


Very clean modelling and very nice details.


Well you know what I think of this project, keep continuing to kick ass :smiley:


oh my god. oh my god. oh my god…

love it!


:eek: wow…just…wow!


Simply amazing ! :eek: So many details…


im definitely jealous, awesome detail to get all those parts in there, respect :thumbsup:


Thats UBER COOL! :buttrock:
I`m wondering what kind of a computer do you need to create something like that!!



Damn… thats nice good job man keep it up!


wow, gorgeous detailing!
cant wait for some shader lovin’ :smiley:


thats amazing :eek: , your my hero


i cant belive you added so much details on it
well, im just waiting for more :smiley:


… Can we see the wires … Shit what a model!


great work :thumbsup: some of the best ive seen sofar. the rims spokes seem to be a bit flat,you know what i mean?


Thank you, everyone! I appreciate the kind comments :slight_smile: More coming as soon as I can get to it.

paraglidepip – I do think I know what you mean, I’ll fix it asap :wink:

MurDerDolly – Just remember, you asked for it. Enjoy :smiley:


The detail is awsome!!


Impressive, i love that engine, only 1.16 million polys when smoothed?i love the details you’ve added, such as the interior of the car, great model, cant wait to see shaded pictures


your modeling is fantastic.

i had that car, and let me tell you, it was a kick-a#$ car. 0-60 in like 5 secs. twin turbo!!!
it has been atleast 5 years ago, if you want i can think about the details

optional equipment, included the following:
there was a ‘bose’ wave stereo that lined the back of the hatchback. it was a square tube, with max ‘hose’ in places orginiating from a chamfer cylinder. then it hooked into the rear suspension area as a tower on each side. the upper tower had louver’s (spelling is not the greatest, sorry)
the factory spoiler was completely different. Expensive, so most did not have it. it was organic and flowing, from the ‘low’ points on the hatch back. it rose up then followed more of the contours of the hatchback lid. it was very sculptured as opposed to added on.

overall, you did a fab job!


Thanks again everyone! I’m trying to work as fast as I can to keep this project rolling.

ttboy404 - Thanks for the input. This car is going to be mild custom (except the engine which is a single turbo, gotta have the BIG power ;)). I didn’t want to do the Bose stereo, I’m sure it sounds great but it’s not the most attractive. I’ll be doing a custom audio/video system somewhere down the line.

Here’s a little /\BUMP/\ and an small engine update :smiley:


amazing model blake,waiting for updates:wip: