Vehicle: robot sculpt


robot sculpt

masking tape “TD TANK FACTORY”

old work



robot sculpt 2

can’t stop dream up





Woah very nice, lot’s of detail. I love the hands. Are you gonna texture/animate it?



looking good!

It looks like it’s transformable, but I’m not quite sure how… the image showing the transformation is confusing due to the dual images.

Very nice attention to detail! :smiley:


I especially like the “hallway” pix. Are you going to texture it?



thats good …
but i think the image is a bit too big!

:scream: mybe some comment on my page!


Very good detail in modelling…

It looks like ready to attack :applause:


great model! :applause:

Wanna see more poses :smiley:


Me want movies of that beast in action!
A animation of that thing busting down some giant blast doors and opening up on some other robo-tanks would be really cool!
Very nice!


thank your for comment !


Amazing details.

Nice work!!! Can’t wait to see the model w/ texture.



Thats extreme, some wonderful work.


Nice work


wait your texture :cool:


looks really amazing! keep up your good work.




I agree with every body wow awesome bot there :beer:


This is a lot of fun, I love robots and tanks and treads.

I"d really like to see it with some custom texture work now, as well as placed in an environment.


Nice modelling! A lot of detail :slight_smile: Wainting for textures now :slight_smile: Good job!